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  1. Miss Clara Belle <3

    Miss Clara Belle <3

  2. alicatjoy

    Miss Clara Belle <3

    I am beyond thrilled that my pretty girl is back home with me. The last few days have been amazing and I'm trying not to pinch myself - it feels as though this is so wonderful and amazing that it can't be true. And, the fact that Madeline (my dog) and Clara Belle are more than getting along...
  3. Clara Belle 9.jpg

    Clara Belle 9.jpg

  4. Clara Belle 5.jpg

    Clara Belle 5.jpg

  5. Clara Belle 19.jpg

    Clara Belle 19.jpg

  6. Clara Belle 7.jpg

    Clara Belle 7.jpg

  7. alicatjoy

    What's for dinner?

    I am having a difficult time this evening. Cooking seemed like too much of a chore and I couldn't decide on a "safe" meal for me to eat. So, unfortunately, I decided to just go with pizza. I knew I wouldn't eat a ton of it, but it had everything covered on my meal plan and it was a compact meal...
  8. alicatjoy

    Dental for Overweight Cat

    I work in a veterinary clinic that does a great many dentals on both cats and dogs. And, in the well over 2 years that I have worked at the hospital, I have never seen an animal have complications during or after surgery solely due to their weight. That being said, it is an anesthetic procedure...
  9. alicatjoy

    What's for dinner?

    The recipe for the thai peanut chicken was as simple as could be. You have two different options - one is to purchase a thai peanut sauce from the grocery store. I did not do this, but the ingredients were very similar to what I made on my own. Next time, I may just purchase the sauce as the...
  10. alicatjoy

    What's for dinner?

    Ah, as much as I dislike talking about what I've eaten, I definitely need the accountability. And, this seems like a place where there is normalized food talk. I need to be able to discuss food in a normalized fashion. And, it wouldn't hurt to get ideas about meals, recipes, and the like as...
  11. Sleeping Kitties!

    Sleeping Kitties!

  12. alicatjoy

    Sleeping Kitties!

    I am sleepy after seeing all of those sweet kitties sound asleep... Here is my little Clara Belle taking a nap: I wish I could sleep as comfortably and peacefully as Clara - or any cat, for that matter! Not even Xanax can do that for me, ha ha .
  13. Clara Belle 9.jpg

    Clara Belle 9.jpg

  14. Clara Belle 12.jpg

    Clara Belle 12.jpg

  15. KItty noses!

    KItty noses!

  16. alicatjoy

    KItty noses!

    Ooh, kitty noses! They're just perfect for lots of kisses  I might be biased, but I think her nose is quite kissable as well. I apologize if the photo isn't the best quality - I'm a bit out of practice with taking photos of cats. But, nevertheless, I wanted to add Clara Belle's nose to the...
  17. alicatjoy

    Fluids...and how to get them in!

    I am someone who needs to drink a lot of water. Or, really, anything. As many of you know, I am a diabetic. I also have an eating disorder and that has made getting in the food and fluids that I need difficult. And, recently, I have been nursing a relapse instead of recovery. I am going to begin...
  18. alicatjoy

    Female Kitten Names?

    What a cutie patootie! You've got an adorable little one who deserves an equally precious name. While I agree with everyone that Pixie is a cute name, it is not my first choice from the list you've come up with. Of the names you've chosen, the one that stands out the most to me is Nylah. I like...
  19. alicatjoy

    I'm back...again...

    Sometimes, I feel as though I don't deserve to come back to this site. But, I miss you all and I need a place where I feel safe. And, after all this time, this is still my "home." You may notice that I have a new username. I had some issues with family locating me on the web. It was...
  20. alicatjoy

    Help me name my new kitty!

    Well, if  you've read my most recent novel, um, thread , you would know that I am adopting a cat and hoping to bring her home today. I am feeling a mix of emotions as this was a difficult decision to make. But, now that she will be coming home, she is going to need a new name for her new life...