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  1. cyndilaupurrr

    Cat Running Amok-Is he Trying To Tell Me Something?

    Cyndi does this often, she has a stuffed mouse that she plays with and will bat and throw it all around the house at break neck speed.
  2. cyndilaupurrr

    Calling All Laundry Basket Loving Kitties

    Cyndi has loved the dirty laundry baskets since she was a wee kitten :) Her shadows on the wall behind were a happy accident
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  7. cyndilaupurrr

    My Champion Mouser

    Yes I do,
  8. cyndilaupurrr

    My Champion Mouser

    Thanks for all the replies so far, Forgot to mention, Cyndi actually only killed one, now after that she plays with it a bit then brings it to me for disposal. I then catch it in a coffee Tin and dump it outside. I figure if it can avoid being eaten by a Fox or Owl and find it's way home  then...
  9. cyndilaupurrr

    My Champion Mouser

    One of the reasons I got Cyndi last winter was to help with the mice problem in my cottage so far she has 8 and am pretty sure the word has spread cause have not seen evidence of or heard a mouse in a while. So managed to capture the action in this video, sorry the lighting and video sux, was 3...
  10. cyndilaupurrr

    Funny ways that Cats drink water [videos]

    My girl having a drink at the kitchen sink :)  
  11. Post your favorite photo of your cat!

    Post your favorite photo of your cat!

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  13. cyndilaupurrr

    Cat Tummies! Picture Of The Month - January 2016

    Perfect timing, this one is fresh today :)
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  15. cyndilaupurrr

    Comment by 'cyndilaupurrr' in article 'When A Cat Becomes Your Friend'

    Cyndi is my best friend, when she is hungry :)
  16. cyndilaupurrr

    Erratic and Frantic Kitten

    Wow what a day that was, she spent most of the day hiding and would only come out to eat or use the litter, did manage to get her outside for a walk (She is leash trained) But she just wasn't her normal self. When we came back it was more of the hiding behaviour. After supper we went for...
  17. cyndilaupurrr

    Erratic and Frantic Kitten

    She is biting and scratching herself, she keeps running and hiding under beds and blankets, I think she is trying to escape from whatever it is biting her. This is all new to me as I am a first time cat  caregiver, I will call and book her vet visit tomorrow but any tips on getting her to calm...