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  1. anneno2

    Naughty cat pics lol

    I've told you once human. That should be enough! 
  2. anneno2

    Naughty cat pics lol

    Who's a clever girl?
  3. anneno2

    Naughty cat pics lol

    Could I just have a tiny nibble?
  4. anneno2

    Show me your "stink eyed" cat pictures!!

    I know the feeling of cat shows. Wow ! Does that take me back 1975!! I had Siamese (Blue) and Burmese (brown) lots of great memories. Those poor judges would come out dripping blood!
  5. anneno2

    Comment by 'anneno2' in article 'Quiz: Which Famous Cat Lover Are You?'

    Looks like I'm to nurse everybody in my life. Oh well as long as there is a cat I don't mind.
  6. anneno2

    TBT! your cats first picture!

    Thank you so much for my puuraise. anneno2
  7. anneno2

    Black Cats Only

    Lizcat. Here is something for Onyx. Go to utube and have a look at 'talking cats' one cat named Sylvestor is worth looking at. You should get a chuckle at some of the things that cat 'says'. Regards anneno2
  8. anneno2

    Cat Tummies! Picture Of The Month - January 2016

    Phew Amber your feet stink!
  9. anneno2

    Post your favorite photo of your cat!

    Oh yeah, who's fooling whom? Regards anneno2
  10. anneno2

    TBT! your cats first picture!

    This reply is for Caitini. I am so blessed to meet you child. I am an old lady now but once upon a long time ago I had the honour of being owned by a physic cat. His name was Bluey and he was a prize winning Siamese. Now the times I talk of were a long time ago but time doesn't matter to these...
  11. anneno2

    Post a favorite picture featuring your cat's claws!

    I like Mouse's claws they are very impressive. Has anyone photos of their Sphynx  cat with claws. Wow! Saw one the other day. Most impressive.
  12. anneno2

    Black Cats Only

    What great action shots of Monster! Wow can that boy jump! They have the grace and beauty of ballet dancers, also what amazes me is when cats stand up on their hind legs. It looks amazing. Saw two in a fight on day and one just stood up and advanced on the other. Wisely, that cat turned and ran...
  13. anneno2

    Cat Tummies! Picture Of The Month - January 2016

    I don't think Bitty had a belly, I never saw it. In the twenty-one years he was with us he was such a private cat. Never washed with a leg in mid-air no butt washing, just the occasional 'look' to tell me to turn the other way and not watch him while did his washing. And yet he was always...
  14. anneno2

    Testing My New Camera- With Cat Models of Course

    I am damned if I know how some people can get their cats to sit still long enough to have their photo taken. Bitty-Boo hated and loathed anything to do with a camera. And it wasn't a flash one either.  He just got down and walked away. Regards Anneno2
  15. anneno2

    Fostering Pregnant Cat, just introducing ourselves!

    Millie will naturally be skittish for a while and protective of her babies so let her rest and in her Mummy time she will let you pick them up and sex them. I only wish I lived nearby I would take one But, sadly I'm in Australia and to get he is more than a buss ride. So I will just love them...
  16. anneno2

    Home Sweet Home

    This little house is just big enough for ME!
  17. anneno2

    Comment by 'anneno2' in article 'How To Stop Playtime Aggression In Cats'

    Well thought-out article. I always thought a tap on the nose was correct. Woops!
  18. anneno2

    Comment by 'anneno2' in media 'shithead in tree 2.jpg'

    Look Mum I'm the Christmas fairy.