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  1. darren7481

    Moving Cross Country

    what were the pet-crate specs & ultimate total of shots required (to be displayed on paper w/your cat's crate)? I've watched a few 'how-to's' online, but they're all posted by the folks selling the 'certified to fly crates'.  I have three moody Siamese mutts to ship from AZ to GA. I want it to...
  2. darren7481

    Is there a meaning to your cat's name?

    Well that's adorable! I have 3 siamese cats: Mortimer, Cassie & Gertrude. Mortimer is an almost perfect blue-point show cat, he has like 4 stripes on his tail... but that's not why I adopted him 8yrs ago! I brought him home so he wouldn't get eaten by coyotes, that creamy almost white fur is a...
  3. darren7481

    Siamese Mutts

    My Cassie cat is a lot like that. She's sassy & weird, but loves me soooo much- I adopted her from another city over 100 miles away, but I saw her one picture & knew I had to rescue her. It was a nightmare driving her here to her fuuurever home, but as soon as I opened the cat-carrier door she...
  4. darren7481

    Siamese Mutts

    They pretty much own me, BTW. I love my awful siameses even more than my VW, & that's saying alot.....I reallly really really love my VW Bug, Love my siamese cats even more. They are awful & trash everything they come into contact with, but they love me & do that w/as much zest & vigor as...
  5. darren7481

    Siamese Mutts

    I think it'd be so much fun to start a thread for folks like me that adopt & love 'cast-off' siamese cats. Apparently they are now known as "Thai Cats". A whole argument for another day.  My kitties are all rescues from lower AZ, I wonder if there was a breeder here way back in the...
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  10. darren7481

    Coming Out On The Other Side

    So true, the growing pains kinda suck, but I wouldn't trade Cassie for all of the tea in China:)
  11. darren7481

    Mortimer the blue-point siamese

    Once upon a time, there was a lady & her giant lynx point tom cat named Sid. They had just moved out on their own, & they were kinda lonely, something was missing. It was a random thing that one of her friends just happened to have a Siamese w/a litter of kittens- all solid black, except for...
  12. darren7481

    Comment by 'darren7481' in article 'Tabby Cats'

    I love my lynx point siameses, they're talkative & playful & loyal. My favorite sort of cats. They can also be a lot of trouble & moody as hell, yet they'll always growl when a stranger's @the door & I have no doubt that if someone ever broke into my home they'd have Siamese cats clawing their...
  13. darren7481

    Coming Out On The Other Side

    It"s amazing how much our human hearts can grow, I lost Sid- then I loved Cassie & added a Gertrude kitten too!  So blessed.
  14. darren7481

    FREE GIVEAWAY - Custom Spa Set by Honeycats Cosmetics!

    ENTRY Morty,Cassie & Gertie would like to share this gift to someone else:) So, if we win (we'd like to know, we like winning) We want to give it. over anyway. Merry Christmas from the HOHL siameses!
  15. darren7481

    Coming Out On The Other Side

    Oh kudos to you for helping other kitties:) It's hard to balance what you'd really like to do....& then what you actually can do to help Kitties in need. I'm kinda pushing my boundaries here, brought my senior cat CASSIE into the home over a yr ago, but then Gertrude ran across my porch, a tiny...
  16. darren7481

    Help me name my new baby!

    My calico cat is Monkey, her original name was 'Sul' for her lovely sunshine face, but she climbs so much & is super goofy- hence 'Monkey'. I adopted her when my neighbor passed away, I hate that she's an outdoor kitty, but she won't come inside & to her credit, she's out-door savy.
  17. darren7481

    Coming Out On The Other Side

    I'm cuddling my Cassie right now:) She's amazing
  18. darren7481

    Coming Out On The Other Side

    When I lost my Siddy cat, my heart broke into a million pieces & I never thought I'd live through the pain of the empty spot behind my knees at night & the silence where his yowls & 'murphs' & purrs had always been. I had moved to AZ from my life-long home in GA w/my ex & nothing was real to...
  19. darren7481

    I Need Feedback on De-clawing - with UPDATE!

    Please don't declaw your kitty! There's a better way:) Here are some links for you to purrrruse:  The little rubber caps can really help, w/o the painful removal of the first bone in kitty's...