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  1. lauriec515

    Comment by 'lauriec515' in article 'How To Keep Ants Out Of Cat Food'

    My cats get fed near the washer and dryer. Every two months, I put a ant trap (those little plastic ones) under the washer and dryer. I very rarely get ants!
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    Contest Holiday Kitties! December 2017

    This is my Coco last week as I attempted to sting the tree lights! He is 17.5 years old.
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    5 month old loss of appitite, weight loss fever, itching

    Have you taken your cat to the Vet?  There could be an underlying problem for loss of appetite.  There is a pill made for cats to help stimulate appetite.  A tad of tuna or SMALL amounts of chicken are ok, but  they cant be used to replace regular cat food.
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    Polling - do you let your cat sleep on your bed at night

    I have a Queen size bed,  and my husband works at night.  My one cat Milo sleeps right above my head on my pillow!!!  Another cat, Candy sleeps at the foot of the bed on my side.  My third cat,  Coco sleeps downstairs, usually.
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    Comment by 'lauriec515' in article 'A Feral Cat Or A Stray Cat? How To Tell The Difference'

    Wild ferals can be tamed,  and my now 14 year old Candy was once a feral kitten born to a feral mom.  Took months, but I was able to tame them both.  A neighbor took in "mom cat" and I have Candy.  She was indoors for a year before she let my husband pet her!  We have company..... you will not...
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    Quick Giveaway! FREE Turbo Scratchers for two winners!

    That's what one of my scratching posts looks like!!!
  7. lauriec515

    Quick Giveaway! FREE Turbo Scratchers for two winners!

    ENTRY  My cat Coco is almost 16 1/2 but still loves to play! I hope I win this for, him!
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    Who wants a FREE superb-quality scratching post?

    My 3 cats and I would love to win a new scratching post!!! 
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    Comment by 'lauriec515' in article 'Quiz: Let's Play Cat Trivia!'

    Got them all correct.  I have been owned by cats all my 58 years.  Learned a lot from reading Cat Fancy magazine.
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    Comment by 'lauriec515' in article 'Why Has My Cat Stopped Eating And Is It Dangerous?'

    My one cat stopped eating,  but would drink water.  He cried at times,  but was a vocal cat anyway.  Next morning, he didn't eat again,  so I took him to the vet that morning.  Poor boy had an infected tooth.  He received an antibiotic (shot) and fluids--- he had a slight fever,  and was his old...
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    Caring for 2

    I have 2 TNR ferals  outside here.  They will be 10 and 11 this year.  They also have a sheltered cat house to go in and get out of the elements.  I named them Missy (the mother) and Bonnie.   Over time,  they have become friendly to me only.  I can't pick them up, but I can pet them.  They...