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  1. DownTheLane

    Question of the day Friday July 8

    This would be so cool!! But I'd very quickly regret it 😅 My mum doesn't allow me to cut/shave it. Not because she is controlling, but because she knows she'll have to hear me complain about it. I do love the paw print or whiskers idea. Maybe I'd go all out and just get tiger stripes xD
  2. DownTheLane

    Late Edition: Question of the Day for Saturday the16 of July, 2022

    Nothing! Sleeping in, lazing in bed all day, watching some youtube and cuddling with the cats of course
  3. DownTheLane

    Question of the Day: Sunday, July 17

    I love banana-flavoured stuff! So a combination of that and some stracciatella
  4. DownTheLane

    Question of the Day - Monday, July 25, 2022

    Pull in, back out, always! One of my favourite things nowadays is to abuse my tiny car privileges and enact some petty revenge. This is specifically for people that don't know what the lines on parking lots are for. I'll park as close by as possible, squeezing that fiat panda in the narrowest...
  5. DownTheLane

    Question of the day, Wednesday July 20, 2022

    My radiator, very random but I got a shit tonne of dust from it.
  6. DownTheLane

    question of the day Friday July 22 2022

    McDonald's, always. It's just consistent around the globe and I know for sure I'll like what they have.
  7. DownTheLane

    Signs and Bad Habits

    Always reads the end first...I'm super guilty! It's the first thing I do when I have a physical cop of a book, read the very last line.
  8. DownTheLane

    Question of the Day, Saturday, the 23rd of July, 2022

    Spritzing myself with water and then laying in the airflow of a fan is my go-to, especially to get to sleep.
  9. DownTheLane

    Take Your Cat to Work Day

    I'm still a student, so online lessons were often spent secretly cuddling with a kitty instead of actually paying attention. I'm learning to become a social worker, and I want to work somewhere related to mental health. Having a cat there could be beneficial for some clients, but mine aren't the...
  10. DownTheLane

    Question of the Day, Wednesday June 15, 2022

    I wouldn't want to have animals in my house only for them to be killed. It just seems so sad and cruel. Why breed them for that specific purpose, and probably not even do anything worthwhile with the bodies, it's just a bit messed up. I would be okay with it if there was a guarantee the remains...
  11. DownTheLane

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, June 14

    Honestly... Our relationship isn't the best, and he has been trying to destroy it even further this year. He's a super loud dude, who always talks over me somehow. Dad, this one goes out to you!
  12. DownTheLane

    Question of the Day, LATE EDITION Saturday, the 11th. of June, 2022

    Not really, I have a lot of hair that's very poofy. So I get terrible hat hair if I wear them. I am going to try wearing a cap more in the summer, just to be less bothered by the sun, but it definitely won't be a fashion choice lol
  13. DownTheLane

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, June 8, 2022

    Brown, yellow and orange. They just don't look good on me, they make my skin look kind of weird. They're also the kind of colours I'd never see myself using in decorations or anything
  14. DownTheLane

    Do you still have these in your house?

    We don't really have a filing cabinet, but a huge briefcase that serves the same purpose. Most of our CDs and DVDs are stored in the attic and never touched though
  15. DownTheLane

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, June 7

    overwhelming, reforming, acceptance
  16. DownTheLane

    im feeling a little down today .... i could use a friend to talk to / A little about myself

    I can totally understand your discomfort! And in my eyes, you've been very calm about the situation and have given your husband more than enough room to play the hero. But so far, it sounds like nothing has changed. If this treatment would've actually been beneficent to him, he would've started...
  17. DownTheLane

    Question of the Day: Sunday, June 5

    Mine are doing really well, although with the current weather they regularly come home absolutely drenched. Had a tick scare not too long ago, but luckily it was a false alarm. I've already had to remove a few, so in that sense I'm already missing winter
  18. DownTheLane

    Question of the Day - Monday, June 6, 2022

    We don't really have school teams or anything like that. But the logo of my highschool was purple 💜 The colour of the college I'm currently going to is magenta. It's...quite out there 😂 And my bro stole my limited edition college hoodie on top of that! So rude
  19. DownTheLane

    question of the day - friday june 3rd

    I sure am! I'm really happy to have found all of you wonderful people <3 I'll need one of those as well then! 😂