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  1. MindyStClairesMom

    Feral cat/stray cat? NONSTOP trilling

    I am completely fascinated by this. Our three young ferals were all silent when they came inside (6 - 10 month range, we estimate). Zach Pizzazz was attached to a homeless encampment and he was body-language communicative when he was hungry (he would become suddenly affectionate at meal time)...
  2. MindyStClairesMom

    Looking for support/ adopted semi-feral cat

    This made me so happy! YAYS! The "social bridge" will really help. Mindy St. Claire's progress is sooooooo tiny that it is only possible to notice if you remember where we were a long time ago -- leave yourself reminders! We are still working on getting into a crate (open on 3 sides and the...
  3. MindyStClairesMom

    Looking for support/ adopted semi-feral cat

    Yeah, what I ended up doing was taking in 2 other fosters (one was *supposed to be* her social bridge, but they didn't have chemistry, and the second one is the actual social bridge to BOTH of the other two!) and then I just knew she would be in a colony or with me -- no one else was going to be...
  4. MindyStClairesMom

    Finding it Hard to find Wet Food Over the Internet these days.

    GOBS of Fancy Feast Classic Pate at the Daly City (San Francisco) PetsMart today. I have had a few disappointments when ordering on-line, but there was PLENTY on the shelves, so maybe that's a harbinger of good things to come?
  5. MindyStClairesMom

    Looking For Wet Food...

    Not all FF is the same. Only Classic Pates are above-average (weirdly) and it is actually pretty hard to find other varieties -- even ones a bit pricier -- with similarly inoffensive ingredients! It has lower carbs, for example, than do most varieties of Weruva. I try to steer clear of too much...
  6. MindyStClairesMom

    Looking for support/ adopted semi-feral cat

    I'm curious to know how / why you differentiate in these terms. I have a cat who is either one of these -- and maybe it doesn't matter -- but I was told originally that the rescue thought she'd been owned as a small kitten. I actually doubt that and think she was semi-feral (not a traumatized...
  7. MindyStClairesMom

    Intro of a new not totally tame kitty

    I don't have a ton of experience, but I think it can take however long you think x 100. I found that I kept expecting things to go faster than they did.
  8. MindyStClairesMom

    What Should You Be Doing Instead Of Being On TCS - 2022

    Looking for a remote job so I can spend more time with my kittehs!
  9. MindyStClairesMom

    Help identifying a cat tree?

    Ah -- I suspect you are interested in the double-bed corner situation. I have recently scoured the whole planet (well, much of the internet) for cat trees and never saw a vendor who ships to the US with a double-bed corner one. I wonder if you cold get two and arrange them together?
  10. MindyStClairesMom

    Volume of Wet Food vs. Dry Food

    Very helpful. I evaluate carbs on a Dry Matter Basis and have only been feeding Weruva (only a few varieties that are lower in carbs), TikiCat, and some FF Classic pates (with the lowest carbs). We have some kibble to get rid of (yes, I could donate it back, but it's a long story why it would be...
  11. MindyStClairesMom

    Question of The Day. Sunday December 26th

    I MUST relax because January 3 starts our VERY busy season at work and I am SOOOOO burned out!
  12. MindyStClairesMom

    Volume of Wet Food vs. Dry Food

    Oooooh. I am REALLY glad I asked. They have been taking in too many calories, for sure. Yikes. Fixing that now . . . Edited to add: I don't think I was TOO far off with the canned I've been feeding. It's hard to keep them from nudging in on each other's bowls, but I think we are pretty close...
  13. MindyStClairesMom

    Volume of Wet Food vs. Dry Food

    I have been reading that a recommended amount of food is 1 oz / # of (ideal) bodyweight / day. Is that for both dry and wet? Would a 9# cat be eating 3 cans of 3oz per day? Or a big can of 6 oz and another can of 3 oz? I have 3 cats & you can see the volume of cans this creates . . . also, they...
  14. MindyStClairesMom

    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    I'm on it!
  15. MindyStClairesMom

    Dr Elsey's Clean Protein Chicken- Shortage

    We are also hunting the DE Chicken . . . I have been feeding the DE's turkey and rabbit (though I am not happy about the chickpeas) in very small amounts because they LOOOOOVE kibble (we mostly feed wet -- they occasionally get a handful of kibble as a small snack).
  16. MindyStClairesMom

    Opinions on Feliway to address Improper Elimination

    I just want to second this -- I found that it just reduces my anxiety about all of it -- which, in turn, reduced the cat anxiety! They are pricey at some stores (even at Target the least expensive was $30!), but I also got on on a certain on-line mega retailer for about $15 and it nicely does...
  17. MindyStClairesMom

    Looking for support/ adopted semi-feral cat

    OH, yes! I can identify with worming medication fails. I actually think we have been struggling with Giardia, but for a looooong list of reasons, getting an actual stool sample reviewed wasn't going to happen & Giardia doesn't reliably turn up in a sample anyway. Many of the Giardia meds are...
  18. MindyStClairesMom

    Have You Seen "Cat People" on Netflix?

    It's kinda kooky, but just the right amount of sweet & strange.
  19. MindyStClairesMom

    Have You Seen "Cat People" on Netflix?

    If so, what's your favorite episode? I think I liked TrapKing and God's Little People.
  20. MindyStClairesMom

    Dr Elsey's clean protein chicken-dry

    Yeah . . . I guess I will continue to try to find the Chicken & hoard it (??) I'm kidding, but . . . only a little bit. I am feeding Weruva wet almost exclusively (for three of them, and I am trying to keep up with the VOLUME of food and the expense, honestly), but the LOVE the kibble. We call...