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  1. addiebee

    trying to save emaciated stray

    Bless you for helping this sweet boy.  With LDG and the others here, both you and he are in good hands. Sending love, light and healing vibes.
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    Cats eating raw - we're looking for pictures!

    Let me see what I can do, Anne. All I have is my cell phone camera and it takes meh photos.
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    Cat hydration question

    My guys seem to like LARGE water dishes... like they are drinking from a pool. They also get wet food 2x/day with a little extra water added in for good measure. Seven males and no urinary issues yet ( knock on wood). I have had them for four years.  A couple of them are toilet drinkers, which I...
  4. addiebee

    Canned Pumpkin as Hairball Preventative

    I give this to my cats... but only a tsp each... smaller doses are better for fiber... larger doses like a TB per cat is good for runny stool. I mix it into fishy wet food and they love it.
  5. addiebee

    Anyone familiar with "Colonel Meow"?

    He is gorgeous! Anyone know what he is? Black smoke Persian mix, maybe??? Here is his Web site:
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    That sounds like a good idea!
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    Hi, guys. Here is more information about the cats. They were all rescued about the same time. Jake came in with his brother, Prowler, along with Archie and Ghost. Tho' Ghost was sequestered for well over two months for acclimation and rehabbing. Then Tex came, followed by Rex... and Casper a...
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    Hi, Yayi! They are all around the same age and came in to my home around the same time. So far, time outs haven't worked. Squirt bottles haven't worked. Hissing hasn't worked. Rex is a very, very timid cat. And like I said, Jake is a brat and willful, too. I guess I will just have to keep at it...
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    Anyone have any advice about a cat that bullies?  Jake is a sweet boy, very loving with us. But there are two other cats in the house (out of 8 total) that he picks on almost relentlessly.  Rex and Casper are definitely at the bottom of the totem pole in the cat society here. Cas has gotten...
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    Best carpet for resisting a couple of scratch-happy tigers

    I agree. Something low pile and tightly woven. Even a good commercial carpet or a berber. I got a room sized piece of commercial carpet for our all-purpose room and had it bound and delivered ... to use as a room size rug. It's not that pretty or soft underfoot but it vacuums up like a dream and...
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    pet fountain question

    Hey, guys.. .I don't know if this is the right place to put this or perhaps Health or Nutrition. I am thinking about going back to using at least one pet fountain for my cats, but DEFINITELY not plastic. I use a dental water additive and it went gummy on me really fast. Gummed up the filter...
  12. addiebee

    Cat dental health -best toothbrush

    As my cats age, I am worrying more about their dental health. Casper - who is the most skittish of the bunch - had FORLs and two teeth extracted. He is 6-7 and hard to "paste" with pet t.p.  I don't want a repeat of this and I am feeling a bit sheepish here now - I had gotten a bit lax with the...
  13. Occasional raw - cute story

    Occasional raw - cute story

  14. addiebee

    Occasional raw - cute story

    OK. Trying again. Photos of my chicken neck fiend!!
  15. Tex_looking_out_window.jpg


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    Occasional raw - cute story

    I meant to put photos of Tex in here but used the wrong link ... so see below!!!Mods - could you remove this post?
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    Occasional raw - cute story

    I do occasionally give my cats raw - mostly chicken and turkey. They like raw turkey meat best. I rinse it well and pat dry, and cut into little  pieces. I have recently started buying organic whole chickens from Costco - they go into the freezer. These chickens have giblets, which I share with...
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    8 year old cat terrfied of everything

    I clicked this... so, it's a capsule? I can crack it open and put it in food?  I am wondering if this would help my poor Casper to relax.... his anxiety is off the charts.