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  1. aussie_dog

    New kitten aggressive to resident cats

    Some recent pics. She's become a heifer and needs a diet.
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  5. aussie_dog

    New kitten aggressive to resident cats

    Unfortunately, we never did solve the problem. Simon turned out to be a girl (and renamed Marcy) so possibly that contributes to the issue (4 females in one house). We never found her another home: we fell in love and my dog died 6 weeks after I started this thread, so we were in no shape to...
  6. aussie_dog

    Bad Bad Kitty Pics!

    Yep, that's Stella the Guinea Pig (her sister is Sasha). They don't play together, but Marcy has always been fascinated by them, and since she was a kitten when we got her, the pigs weren't as spooked by her and by the time she grew up, they were content to let her sit in their cage. Marcy...
  7. aussie_dog

    Bad Bad Kitty Pics!

    Some new pictures of Marcy.  Not really "Bad Cat" but, well, she's just not quite normal. Buffy and Marcy fighting. Buffy's the elder, the alpha (10 years old) and Marcy's the little fart who won't give in and take no for an answer. It's been a battle of wills with her for the last year.
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  12. Show me your eyes

    Show me your eyes

  13. aussie_dog

    Show me your eyes

    Marcy has sort of hazel-golden eyes Willow's eyes are my favorite: they're green when she's happy and content, but a fiery yellow-orange when she's mad/upset Molly also has green eyes, which look really pretty with her pink nose
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  20. aussie_dog

    Bad Bad Kitty Pics!

    A frame is possible. None of the other cats are young and energetic enough to get in so much trouble, but that's why it's brilliant. Destroy something, wait for curious Marcy to check out the destruction, then alert the humans to the shameful shenanigans she's gotten into AGAIN. However, Marcy...