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  1. oscarsmommy

    Hello Again!

    It's been A LONG time since I've been on but I'm back! I'm Courtney and I was/am Oscarsmommy. I'm currently married to Travis for 8 years and we have a 6 year old daughter together, who is the light of our life. We've been battling secondary infertility for 4 years and will probably never get a...
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  9. oscarsmommy

    One random thing NOBODY here knows about you

    I imagine the same things happening to me! It creeps me out not being able to see the bottom of the ocean!
  10. oscarsmommy

    One random thing NOBODY here knows about you

    I never learned to swim and because of this I have a huge fear of water! Not pools but lakes, oceans, etc!
  11. oscarsmommy

    It's Cancer

    Linda I am so sorry for this news
  12. oscarsmommy

    2 weeks until baby! - Zoe is here!

    Congrats, Sarah and Andrew! She's beautiful!
  13. oscarsmommy

    Mouth problems. Aaahhh!

    I work as a dental assistant and I know that at my office, with people with no insurance and not a lot of financial assistance, we refer patients to a Dental school. We have Case Western and Ohio State here but I am not sure where you live. Dental Schools are very, very cheap. Yes, they are...
  14. oscarsmommy

    Weird "deja vu" feelings?

    My sister is on anti-seizure meds and is FINALLY 4 months preggo with her first AND she is in her mid-30s. It can happen for you! And don't worry about the birth defects until you would know for sure! Trying to get pregnant and stressing is the worst thing you can do! Good luck!
  15. oscarsmommy

    Weight Watchers

    I am about to complete my sign up. Before I do, does anyone have any success stories they would like to share? Eating is my biggest fault. I'm not obese by any means and would like to lose about 30 lbs. to be completely happy and with my wedding in 2 months, Weight Watchers (I'm hearing from a...
  16. oscarsmommy


    I am so sorryMy sister has been through 3 miscarriages and is now almost 5 months pregnant with their first child so it CAN happen for you!
  17. oscarsmommy

    U.S. 2010 Census

    I'm sure Mike has the reasons that I am unsure of about the mortgage question but I just don't understand the big deal about answering the question. It's not like they are asking how much your mortgage payment is......And it's not like they can't find out if you own a house or how much you...
  18. oscarsmommy

    Remember Me (SPOILERS!)

    Has anyone seen this movie yet? I saw it with girlfriends Sunday and it was by far the saddest movie I have ever seen. I just read today some reviews that people think it is too soon since it is about September 11. The ending is completely shocking. It is really hard to explain what the entire...
  19. oscarsmommy

    Thinking ahead about adding to the family

    I don't have any advice but... YAY! I am so happy for you guys! What an exciting time! Good luck!
  20. oscarsmommy

    I finished a crochet project!

    It's beautiful! I would love to learn to crochet one day. I just learned to knit the beginning of this year so I will take it one new hobby at a time! Congrats