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  1. seppolina

    Halloween Kitties - October Picture of the Month Contest

    We were doing a Halloween photo shoot with two black cats when our torti Katie (aka The Big Baby) decided to get involved.  Her imprompteau picture came out better than any of the shots we tried to pose!
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  3. seppolina

    This is about a pit bull, didn't know where else to put it

    These folks might be able to help or know of someone in your area who can: Good luck getting that sweet girl out!
  4. seppolina

    Changing a Cat's Name

    First off, congrats on your new adoptee! You must be so excited to welcome a new cat into your home That said, I can assure you that in my many years in feline rescue I have changed many a name with no adverse effects. Cats are not like humans when it comes to name association. To a cat...
  5. seppolina

    UTI and Clavamox

    Have you called the vet the prescribed the Clavamox? When I was a pharmacy technician at a vet clinic, the vets had me tell every person who took home Clavamox that if vomiting or diarhhea occured, they should stop giving the Clavamox & call us to find out what the next step was. If this...
  6. seppolina

    brushing teeth...what do you prefer?

    The CET Mini Toothbrush ( is my favorite. It is tiny & fits over your finger, so it helps the cat make a smoother transition from just your finger in his mouth to finger & brush. My crew's favorite flavor of toothpaste is the CET Seafood - once I...
  7. seppolina

    Shipping a cat from LA to Chicago?

    I had to ship 2 of my 4 cats from Oakland to Boston and I can highly recommend Continental. Prior to making the decision, I spoke with a Pet Travel Consultant, who told me about Continental's program (I believe it is called Quik Pak) and told me that it is the prefered method for shipping pets...
  8. seppolina

    URGENT 60 Cats in Need Now!!! Baton Rouge, LA - Hoarder Situation

    Any possibility of transporting the cats to shelters out of state? My shelter routinely accepts transports of dogs...if I knew that transport was available, I might be able to convince the person in charge of the program to take a few cats.
  9. seppolina

    Anyone else use rabbit food (alfalfa pellets) for litter?

    I have never used alfalfa rabbit pellets for litter but in my quest to find a decent, inexpensive, natural litter I have had many people suggest it to me. Thank you so much for posting your findings...I guess I'll have to hit the feed store & check out some Manna Pro!
  10. seppolina

    Lily slept in litter box!

    Many of the new arrivals at the animal shelter I work at will often sleep in their litter boxes. They seem to like the added "protection" of the walls of the box. Usually if I can provide them with a cardboard box with a comfy towel in the bottom or a cat bed with reasonably high sides, they...
  11. seppolina

    Best place to get good cat furniture

    I have used both eBay & Pet Edge with good results. My local Wal-Mart carries a floor-to-ceiling cat tree with 3 platforms for only $35 - the cats LOVE it. They recently added a 4-foot cat "house" - a base with 3 sisal posts with a cubby hole on top, a sisal pole on top of that & a platform...
  12. seppolina

    Is this unusual?? Dominance by Floor?

    It is totally normal for two cats in a household to choose seperate territories. My two have different rooms that they are "in charge" of. Darci & Finn are doing normal cat stuff by "protecting" their chosen territories and unless you fear that they are going to hurt one another, it's OK to...
  13. seppolina

    Kitty Toothpaste?

    My crew's favorite is the CET brand Seafood flavor. My boy was very resistant to the idea of tooth brushing until he realized it tasted so good
  14. seppolina

    Questions about FIP

    Oh Laurie, I'm so sorry about your Kitty Girl. I lost a foster kitten a few years ago to FIP & it took me a very long time to deal with his loss. I found him & his 3 siblings in a cardboard box outside of a McDonald's one day while I was heading in to lunch. Lucky for them (& for me) I worked...
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    My sister's cat Otter Pop drools whenever she is particularly pleased. Scratching Otter on the side of the face only seems to make it worse as she LOVES being scratched there. My sister was initially grossed out by it but has come to view it as a sign of love and has accepted that when her cat...
  16. seppolina


    You are correct, Ms. Kitty! You should always use the full course of the antibiotics prescribed. The hardier form of the "bug" (a better term is not coming to mind at the moment) may not be totally vanquished yet. Also, only using antibiotics until the person/animal feels better can cause...
  17. seppolina

    SO upset.....(possible trigger)

    No, unfortunately I am SURE that many shelters euthanize cats for run-of-the-mill URIs...the one I work for does not, but many in our area (and other parts of the country) do. I wish I didn't know this, but I do.
  18. seppolina

    Please help with shedding problem

    What kind of food do they eat? I found that when I transitioned my cats from a low-quality diet to a high-quality one, shedding was much reduced. Oftentimes the addition of an essential fatty acid (EFA) supplement will also help. DermCaps (carried by most vet offices) is the most-popular one...
  19. seppolina

    Dulcinea has discovered jumping up on EVERYTHING! Help!

    I agree with cheylink - it sounds like "No, get down" is a fun game for her. Have you considered clicker training her? That's another outlet we've used to her curtail Pete Pete's "bad" behaviors. I realized that she is a very smart cat and was just "acting out" cause her little brain was...