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  1. T

    Calming treats for BOTH cats?

    As I previously posted, we have an adult female who’s is generally pretty docile but for whatever reason she corners my adult male who is generally pretty irritable and the hiss-fest and growling and stare-down ensues. No physical fighting other than a bat or two. Should both cats get calming...
  2. trudy1

    Cbd treats for cats?

    Do they work? Calming? Stress relief? any sources, brand? if it works I might grind some up and smoke it….like the college days in the 70s…ha!
  3. Furballsmom

    Stressed or something else?

    There are a lot of varieties, Spotify has harp music for cats. There's RelaxMyCat and Music for cats too :) There are other calming products as well, including treats and even collars. Hang in there!
  4. shayla12

    Cat sitting issue

    We are working up the courage to ask this. I don't think money is an issue, but both my partner and I are very non confrontational and are afraid they are going to react negatively to the suggestion. Its very common here for cats to be fixed so the fact that he hasn't already been neutered makes...
  5. R

    My cat doesn't trust me now

    Yes, gabapentin! I'm taking my lovable Lab, Birdie, to the vet in 2 weeks. I have planned on asking her for gabapentin. I'm already giving Reesie Calming Care, but we only just started yesterday, so it's too soon to see any difference. I'm keeping with it, though. (Reesie has already met Birdie...
  6. mxphs

    My cat knows i sneak his medication into his wet food and now isn't eating it

    I did with my vet, she suggested the clomicalm instead. Calming treats don't do anything for humphrey tbh which sucks
  7. J

    Feliway diffuser - requesting input

    Thank you!!!
  8. Furballsmom

    Feliway diffuser - requesting input

    Hi Some have had great results :) but they are expensive. There are other products, plus there's cat music ; There's spotify, Youtube, Alexa cat music, RelaxMyCat and MusicForCats. From Peaches&Mango It’s called Pet Remedy US and UK (it has valerian). They do a variety of different...
  9. KodaBear

    Desperately seeking advice🫣🥺🐾

    You’re right DeeCat. Babycakes is calming down as every day passes. She and Cupcake were sitting in the cubby TOGETHER this past weekend🙌! My main concern was that this family of three get along in the Catio and I see it slowly happening. I’m laying belly up by the Catio as I write this and the...
  10. L

    Adopted blind feral cat attacking house cats

    Ok thank you! Let’s hope that’s the case! I bought a feliway diffuser to try to help! She won’t eat the calming treats I got lol.
  11. A

    My cat sounds like a pigeon and looks like he needs a narcotics anonymous meeting.

    I will look into that. Thank you so much I was looking into CBD treats for pets? I know absolutely nothing about it but somebody recommended it... do you know anything about that as well? man’s same everything! Littler box, bed, cat tree, my bedding.. 30 days? it hasn’t been quite that long...
  12. M

    What to do when my kitten is the problem

    Thanks so much!
  13. Furballsmom

    What to do when my kitten is the problem

    I don't know how effective Cat Music would be for your situation, but here are some other products. I often don't suggest pheromone types since they can sometimes make things worse, or the focus cat is unaffected. Only Natural Pet has a calming product called Just Relax Calming spray with...
  14. FeebysOwner

    Inherited cat peeing all over house for months

    It is so great that you could take this cat when your dad passed, bless you and sorry for your loss. Tbh, 7 months is a long time for a cat that age, so it is likely something health-wise could have changed. A senior cat should have semi-annual exams that include full-scale blood work and...
  15. A

    First time experience with a scared cat. Would like to know your insights on this matter.

    Try some cat calming music with purring. It's available on any streaming platform. You can also try some Feliway. Depending on the age of the cat she might respond well to catnip. You can sit in the room and read outloud or watch things on your phone with headphones in. This gets her used to...
  16. danteshuman

    Introducing kittens to resident teenage cats - eek, the hissing! Am I doing this right?

    I would slow down the introductions, let your older cats sleep with you & site swapping do the kittens get the house at night. Calming treats couldn’t hurt, That bed you sleep in is the cat throne.... so let your master bedroom be for your resident cats. Don’t dethrone your older cats! Hissing...
  17. Furballsmom

    Bully Cat - Need Urgent Help!!!

    Seems like Covid has made a lot of things more challenging. Yes. That said, I personally would avoid the plugin pheromone types - I've read that those can actually make things worse in certain situations. There's spotify, Youtube, Alexa cat music, RelaxMyCat and MusicForCats. From...
  18. FeebysOwner

    Traveling with cat

    If you can, do some more test drives with the carrier covered to see if that helps any. You might keep one small section uncovered so she can see you as another test. Also, buy some of the cat calming products and see if they help. Bach Rescue Remedy is one that are drops you can apply to her...
  19. lisahe

    Eye still watery a week later

    I'm glad to hear that Phoebe's eye looks less squinty today. That's how Ireland's gets, too, "squinty." I start using the gel now when I notice that and/or a bit more pinkness than usual. We just went through that over the weekend... I think it can be hard to find good cat products just about...
  20. Furballsmom

    Female cat marking room

    Just in case there's something you haven't had a chance to try yet; This retailer might have something for you for chews - I've used some of their other products and like them (not affiliated with them). Stress & Anxiety Support for Cats Also, there is Cat Music which can be surprisingly...