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    Would Love Some Help Estimating!

    Keep away from dry food, wet food is much more healthier and start them off with different brands and textures such as pate, shredded, fillets etc. that way down the road with the situation nowadays with pet food a lot of times if you only feed them a certain brand it might be out of stock so if...
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    Hungry Cat and Wants to Eat All the Time

    I’d cut out the treats and gradually lower the amount of dry food to start
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    Vet trimmed cat's nails with a grinder--how long till they come back in?

    That’s a shame they did that to her paws. Usually cats nails grow pretty fast, at least my cats do. is it your regular vet office that did it? I’d complain so it wouldn’t happen again…Never thought a vet would do that, they’ve always used clippers, a lot faster. I had taken a cat to be neutered...
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    Mars buys Orijen & Acana

    I never heard of the Mouser brand So I just looked it up and the company is saying it’s made of 97% meat the second ingredient is mouse….yuk i won’t let my cats eat mice, they are indoor cats and on occasion we’ve had mice get in the cellar, in fact there was once they had caught one inside…we...
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    Thank you
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    Is there anything that can be safely put on a cat’s leg wound that she keeps biting and making it raw? Sorry, it’s not too clear in the picture. I need something that won’t hurt if she licks it. There’s no way I could wrap it
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    Hard bone-like pieces in Tiny Tinger??

    I would definitely let the company know. What texture was the food? Pate
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    Spam email

    I did check the site where it supposedly came from and it did say [email protected] but it really didn’t make sense what the subject was about “booking Delta airlines” so I didn’t open it and deleted it again I apologize if it was actually sent from a real person. There’s just too much spam...
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    Spam email

    Fyi i’m not sure where I can post this but this morning I received an email from supposedly what somebody posted on the Cat’s site but I was kind of worried whether I should click on it to open it because I wasn’t sure if it was a legitimate post. I tried doing a search by the person that posted...
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    Is this normal?

    Dry food isn’t great for cats, if she pukes it up there’s something in the ingredient. You’re better off sticking with just wet (in my opinion)
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    Thanks..I was talking to someone who has two cats and said one of them would get aggressive with the other, the vet suggested Zylkene. She said she gIves him a 75 mg capsule a day and she can see a difference in his behavior. So I thought I’d give it a try. My cat doesn’t have extreme anxiety...
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    Has anyone had a recent experience using Zylkene to help calm anxiety in their cats?
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    How much a month

    😲 got to bad if a shelter wouldn’t accept it..
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    How much a month

    Are you serious??🙀😲.
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    Help! Boy or Girl?

    I would think by 6 months if you look at her bum you would be able to see a couple of little bumps below it. Lol
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    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    Wow, it doesn’t really “include“ many of the more popular brands!
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    Pet food costs increase

    I think here in US the vets get a kick back from selling prescription foods, which to me is way over priced. I think the consumers are getting screwed by these big companies, it’s not surprising how much profits they’re still making. that includes prices of gas why should diesel gas be more...
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    Pet food costs increase

    But if the cats/kittens were in a shelter to begin with, they were being fed so I don’t see if that would effect the shortage?? Don’t know for sure but a few times I heard it was because there was shortage of the cans…i heard that in the beginning but doesn’t make sense either. I have noticed...
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    Pet food costs increase

    I live in Massachusetts and the prices here are getting out of hand. My 12 cats eat both wet and dry, went to get dry food the other day and there wasn’t any of the brand they eat, went back a couple days later and they had a few bags. Grabbed 2 22 pound bags while I could get it. Even Chewy has...
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    Safest flea treatment for young cat

    I went on the Only Natural Pet site and looked up the flea treatments which contain peppermint oI’ll, then looked up if peppermint oil is safe for cats, found several sites that said it wasn’t safe. Is Peppermint Oil Safe for Cats? Or Is it lethal?