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    problems with california natural, anyone?

    hey kitty folks, its been a long time since i posted here. i had the cats on natural balance for a long time, but after some customer service problems with them regarding the recall, and my decision to start supporting our local family owned petstore rather than the petco, i switched our kitty...
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    adding an adult cat to the family.. questions.

    thank you, this is the kind of thing i want to hear .
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    adding an adult cat to the family.. questions.

    hi catsite, we recently lost our little girl Carmella due to complications related to anestesia... she was almost three years old, a wonderful cat, and we miss her terribly. my house is just full of boys now, and we are thinking about adding another girl cat to our family to restore the...
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    Allergy to rice??

    first food that comes to mind is the natural balance venison and green pea that vanillasugar mentioned. its a good food, and no grains of any kind.
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    Cats and pregnant human?

    though the risk is small, especially if precautions are taken, people make a big deal of this because exposure to an unborn fetus can cause VERY serious birth defects and miscarriage. i wanted to make it clear that i my previous post was not intended to make light of the risks involved to an...
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    Cats and pregnant human?

    hi dan h, im four months and some pregnant right now myself, and neither my doctor nor my vet has told me to get rid of my four cats . the main concern is toxoplasmosis... this can be contracted by accidentaly ingesting a toxoplasmosis spore. these are present in the feces of an infected...
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    Is it true about cats?

    yes. its not a matter of disease, its a matter of bacteria that is in all cat's mouth's causing potentially serious infection. even healthy indoor vaccinated cats have this bacteria in their mouths. and believe me, im not aganist kitties... i have four myself, none of whom have ever bitten...
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    Can I use fresh pumpkin

    why does it have to be canned pumpkin? i feed my dogs raw, and i give them pumpkin for extra fiber... sometimes i feed canned pumpkin, but after halloween i always chop up our jack-o-lanterns, peel them, boil them until soft, and mash them with a potato masher. its the same stuff thats in the...
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    Is it true about cats?

    cat bites can be very dangerous. my BF was bitten by a cat, just one deep puncture in his hand, and i insisted on taking him to the emergency room because a relative of mine, who works in medicine and had worked in an ER, always stressed to me the danger of cat bites. at the ER they ended up...
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    Indoor Cats what shots should they have

    i get mine vaccinated with the distemper combo only. i do not vaccinate for rabies, as it is not manditory in california.
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    indoor vs outdoor

    shoot, im in the US and most people i know have indoor/outdoor cats... mine had always been indoo/outdoor, thats just the way everyone we knew did it. i decided to keep these cats that i have now indoors for their saftey, and i still get weird looks when i tell people that... and i live in a...
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    BHA & BHT in cat food

    bht and bha have been banned for human food in some countries, but not in the united states.
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    muscular cats

    i dont know about cats, but the breeder that we got our dog from recomended waiting until a year to neuter for a couple of medical reasons (specific to large breed male dogs) and because the hormones cause the dog to become more muscular and to develop masculine features. it makes perfect sense...
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    raw feeding and $$$ question

    oooh, thank you. good to know about the tripe, i feed it to my dogs a couple of times a week. the kind i buy is frozen in rolls, its really pretty gross .
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    raw feeding and $$$ question

    thanks for the replies. sharky, mine get human grade and organic, too... one of the reasons that i chose to go raw is because i am very much against factory farming. i meant that i was looking for information about feeding alternative cuts of human grade meats... like chicken backs from...
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    Does this sound like a "complete cat food" to you?

    if its made with boneless meat (thats what fillet means, right?), where does kitty get calcium?
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    Weird Litter Questions

    my Francis does this... we have an automatic box and after he uses it he perches on the edge and wipes his paws on the wall. he is kind of a fancy boy and he likes to keep himself very clean... no litter on the paws at all. the sound of him wiping his paws drives me up the wall.
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    Can cats eat yogurt?

    ok... here is how i understand it. many cats are lactose intolerant... meaning that they do not make the enzyme lactate which is used by the body to break down lactose. yogurt is a unique dairy food in that the natural bacteria in yogurt produces its own lactate, so it comes with the missing...
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    raw feeding and $$$ question

    i feed my two enormous dogs raw for very little money... this is because very little of the meat that they eat is meat that would be sold for human consumption. not that i feed them meat that is below human standards for quality, but the parts of animals that i feed them are parts that people...
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    timberwolf organics grain free kibble

    pushylady... i cant find the link that i am thinking of right now, but as i understand it chicken meal is the rendered product of clean flesh excluding feathers and heads and stuff. some people prefer to see "meal" listed over just plain "chicken" because much of the weight of chicken meat is...