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    What A Day This Has Been

    I ended up not being able to work at my job today, thanks to a HUGE communication fumble on the higher end which may put my job in question. I went to buy some cereal and....someone found a little chocolate lynx point siamese mix kitten with a kinked half-tail (which she carries curled up...
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    For those that already delivered....

    I think that you should put a total count for 2007 and start off a fresh list for 2008 if you plan to continue with the tallying. The change from year to year would be interesting.
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    Pudge, aka "Lady Baldbutt"...Anyone With lots of Cat Allergy Experience?

    Thank you for the'ed you a minute too soon. It's just about checkup time for her, so I'll check out the dogfood thing while setting up her appt. :P
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    Pudge, aka "Lady Baldbutt"...Anyone With lots of Cat Allergy Experience?

    ...okay, so the nickname actually ends differently in my rated R life. My soon-to-be four year old cat Pudge had problems keeping hair on the base of her tail for most of her life. Being my first pet ever (and unexpected), most of her kittenhood and part of her adult life has been in tandem...
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    We've taken on a new cat - Tigger

    As usual, your journal never ceases to amuse.
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    Cat and kitten NEED a new foster home ASAP

    My camera's batteries are dead. I'll post some as soon as I can.
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    Cat and kitten NEED a new foster home ASAP

    I have a kitten that I am fostering (4 months old) and a full grown foster cat (3 years, who I've been trying to find a home for for two years now. He's a deaf Maine Coon Mix and needs to go to an only-cat home). I'm moving soon (a few weeks) and although I've been trying my best to find...
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    Felidae chicken and Rice

    Mine absolutely love both flavors of Felidae. They run laps and squeak for what seems to be an eternity while I dish it out.
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    Do either of these look like Professional style photo's

    I like them both, but for my tastes the top one shows a little too much of the blur around the edges (ears, sides). The background colors are gorgeous and accentuate their eyes well, though.
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    Touching Money, Then Food - What Do You Do?

    I went to a fast food place late at night years ago. It was crowded, as it was the only place open at that time of night. The setup was such that you could survey most of the kitchen from the counter easily (the only way you couldn't see into most of the kitchen was if you were seated facing...
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    Duke has gone to play

    My condolences. RIP Duke.
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    Duke has gone to play

    My condolences. RIP Duke.
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    Diet Pills Not Just for Humans Anymore. (dogs) Introducing Slentrol (by pfizer), the first diet pill for dogs. Laziness truly knows no bounds.
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    Longhair Breeders/Owners - quick question

    Pudge is a mediumhair, single-coated. She's never matted. I've never gone out actively seeking a cat, but if I did, I'd adopt another mediumhair/single-coated longhair. All heat does is make her lose her winter coat faster, and does not seem to cause her any more discomfort than it does my...
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    Lazy Cat Sleepfest (Only SLIGHTLY Interrupted by Human Wielding A Weird Shiny Object)

    Pudge, sleepily lounging on the new cat tree: Typhus, sleepily sprawled out in a chair: Soon, I will teach them the art of photography so that they can photograph me laying half-asleep as they bounce up to me one at a time in an attempt to get me out of bed.
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    Photographer Cat...A Day in the life of Mr Lee Ever wonder where kitty goes if you let him/her outside? This fellow attached a small videocamera to his cat's collar and set it to take a photograph every minute. He's (of course) posted a few days of the life of his cat (leaving most of the pics...
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    happy birthday luxor!

    So was Typhus (she just turned 1 too. ) Happy birthday luxor.
  18. C Daily Deal...Dyson DC14 for $259.99! ($5 Shipping) has deals every day, usually on electronics. Today's deal is a Dyson DC14 Full Kit (vacuum, etc) for only $259.99 +$5 shipping. All you have to do is create an account there (painless process) and order it. I registered a while back, and my inbox's dignity stayed intact. One day...
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    New Cat Breed....$22,000 It's called the Ashera cat. A mix of Serval and Asian Leopard Cat, which was then bred to a domestic cat. According to Lifestylepets, Inc., they grow to be about 30lbs. They pretty much just appear to be take two of Bengal Cats, with the main difference...