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  1. Margot Lane

    Game - Do You Own A...?

    Yes! Grandad was a painter, so quite a bit. Do you have a bird feeder?
  2. Margot Lane

    Game - Do You Own A...?

    No do YOU own a fossilized tooth??
  3. Margot Lane

    Game - Do You Own A...?

    Ooo, no, but now I want some Do you own a trilobite?
  4. Margot Lane

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    Strider, you do such good work from what I can tell here and also w/ veterans, who really do appreciate honest mail, SNAIL mail. Ride past this snark. I don’t Facebook, so don’t know, but think it lacks the depth of a true letter, written in a real hand by someone who cares enough to put actual...
  5. Margot Lane

    Cat is in labor.. help

    Keeping them warm or covered is absolutely crucial! Stefan or SArthur2 is it possible they could get too warm? I don’t know where this is in India, but guessing 75-80 degrees in the daytime.
  6. Margot Lane


    Love the name Gomez, it just works, for a (black?) cat. Are we thinking The Addams family here, or what’s the back story? Every name has a tale to tell.
  7. Margot Lane

    Question of the day Friday march 24th

    Maaaan, I’d be a CAT! So more evolved! All that leaping and limberness! Color doesn’t matter, though, if I had my druthers, I’d be a cougar.
  8. Margot Lane

    My girl is leaving me Tuesday 💔

    I am so sorry. I guess just appreciate every single second as though they were jewels in your hands & tell yourself you’re a good mom: you wouldn’t want her to suffer. At least it will be as painless & loving as humanly possible.
  9. Margot Lane

    I Need Advice on Pregnant stray

    Thank you for taking care of mom you are a good soul!
  10. Margot Lane

    Thursday March 23, 2023 - Question of the Day

    Gregor Sampsa —The Metamorphosis Konstantin Levin—Anna Karenina Doc—-Cannery Row Stephen Dedalus—Ulysses Baby Otter—Wind in the Willows Jo March—-Little Women Bagheera—Jungle Book
  11. Margot Lane

    Rest in peace, Mama Dear

    This story made my heart soar. I know it is a sad time for you but you have inspired people to reach deep and rescue the truly needy. Her previous owner I am sure would be very grateful to you. Thank you for loving Mama Dear all the way home.
  12. Margot Lane

    Introducing Betty White

    My My kitty also has that look…to me it says: “OK I’ve napped a LOT and the rain is still here! When are you going to turn it off?”
  13. Margot Lane

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    I’ve been investigating a little bit the Persian rituals of nowruz (sp?) which is partly an ode to Spring! Very uplifting & life-affirming, and my goodness, the dining table looks lovely. 🌸
  14. Margot Lane

    The Movie Title Game

    The Madwoman of Chaillot
  15. Margot Lane

    Game - Do You Own A...?

    No Do you have anything made of obsidian?
  16. Margot Lane

    Featured Picture of the Month, March 2023: Vote for your 10 favourite Curious Cat Photos!

    Verna I think that tree your cat is in gets half a point all on its own! Is that a…Birch?
  17. Margot Lane

    Fleas and ferals

    I have only ever heard of it being used for bedbugs in the walls in NYC, but just want to say good on you for taking this on. In my mind is indelibly imprinted a kitten I once saw in India, more fleas than kitten. It surely died seconds after I saw this agonizing horror. It must be torture to...
  18. Margot Lane

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, March 22, 2023

    I am no good at expressing anger, for a whole host of reasons, but I do feel what Denice is saying…just take a step back, people— it isn’t always about you. Courtesy goes a long way and we’re all in this together.
  19. Margot Lane

    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    Zorro is taking stock of the new temporary kitchen created after I took out all the bricks today, and inserted a plywood counter. He is now able w/ ease to leap to the top of the fridge, previously inaccessible. I think he is getting his inner Leopard on, he hasn’t left the spot for an hour.
  20. Margot Lane

    Game - Do You Own A...?

    My sister owns our great grampa‘s pocket watch, if that counts whatsoever Do you own an up to date passport?