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  1. serenasmommy

    What was the last thing you bought?

    I bought a car seat for the BF's daughter. It looks brand new and is regular $130 but I only paid $30 for it!!!
  2. serenasmommy

    Head Butts? (sp...)

    I always tease Serena (my princess) that she must be French because I'll say "Kisses!", so she'll lick my lips, then rub her face on either side of my mouth, then she gives me a headbutt on the forehead! Cats do that as a sign of affection and love (at least that's what I believe )
  3. serenasmommy

    cats on the counter

    One thing I found with one (and only one )of my cats was double sided tape. Sounds weird, yes I know lol... I placed a few strips of double sided scotch tape on the counter in the places they hopped upon it. Cats hate the feel of something like that on their paws, so Flash doesn't dare jump up...
  4. serenasmommy


    My cats will usually respond more often to their nicknames than their real names lol... Some nicknames I call Serena include Princess, Pumpkin-Head (cause she has an orange and black spot on the topof her head), Fluffy Belly (due to her curly belly fur), and Puppy (she does tricks for treats...
  5. serenasmommy

    Toughts on "out of the box" pooping?

    My room-mate's cat does this, and we've been told by the vet that there's nothing he can do as Flash (the cat) has kidney issues that are affecting both his bladder and his bowels. He's stopped peeing in the house (he's an outdoor/indoor cat), but he still poops on the floor, and anywhere else...
  6. serenasmommy

    Kitten sucks on rugs and blankets....

    I've heard that when cats do this, there's the possibility that they were weaned from mother's milk too early. My mom's cat did the same thing, but now that's he's adult, he switched from sucking on blankets to licking them. I think it's funny, and he doesn't seem, in any way, harmed by this.
  7. serenasmommy

    Any good books? :)

    I highly reccommend the book "A Million Little Pieces". It's on Oprah's Book Club right now, and it is incredible!
  8. serenasmommy

    If you could be anywhere right now...

    I want to be at my BF's house with his kids and his cat, and not at work (like I am right now!)
  9. serenasmommy

    101 things....get to know each other...

    1-My name's Nikki 2-I'm 21 years old 3-My name when I was born was to be Victoria Dawn 4-I'm adopted 5-My birth mother was 16 when she gave birth to me 6-I met her 2 yrs ago 7-I have 2 half brothers 8-Riel is 13 and Keenan is 6 (Wow, I'm old! hee hee) 9-I was raised as an only child 10-My...
  10. serenasmommy

    The Happy Thread

    I'm happy because I'm seeing a new man, and he treats me great, which is new to me, and his kids are great, and "other things" are fantastic!!!
  11. serenasmommy

    Halloween Costumes

    Well, the man I'm "seeing" ( ) has 2 kids. Taylor, who's 3, is going to be a pumpkin, and Dominic, 19 months, will be a ghost. It'll be so cute!
  12. serenasmommy

    First Scary Movie

    I remember being 8 or 9 and seeing Chucky (or whatever it's called!) at my cousin's. It wouldn't have been so bad if the playroom wasn't full of dolls, and they all seemed to stare at us!!!
  13. serenasmommy

    Game- Name Something....

    My French Vanilla Cappuccino! What's one of your pet peeves?
  14. serenasmommy

    Don't read this unless you get depressed

    I've dealt with depression and anxiety since I was 16. I've been on and off medication ever since... Right now, I'm off... I don't know if that's a good thing, but does anyone else ever just get tired of dealing with the pills??
  15. serenasmommy

    Weaning - wet food?

    Umm, I have a 9 - 10 week old kitty and I've been trying to wean her off of her wet cat food and just give her dry, like our other cats. I've mixed the two foods together and, when I finally think we're making progress, it ends up not working. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong!? She just won't...
  16. serenasmommy

    Help me identify illness

    I don't have any experience with anything like this, but I thought I'd let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, and I'm so happy you did the right thing. So many of us shrug health issue off for a few days, and this is just another reason why that is not acceptable. Thanks for...
  17. serenasmommy

    Meowing and hanging out in windows

    Max and Serena will sit in the window and meow until I open it. I don't let them out, but I open the glass part so they can look out of the screen and feel the breeze. I know, spoiled, right?
  18. serenasmommy


    I think I'm just wanting to know if there's anyway I can treat it. She won't allow me to brush her teeth, so that's out of the question. Is there anything out there for cats, like the treats they have for dogs? Like how dogs have those chew bones to help with gingivitis and plaque, is there...
  19. serenasmommy

    Adult Cat?

    Thanks Dawn! I think I just didn't wait long enough, too excited!, because now I see it. Thanks again!
  20. serenasmommy

    I could do with some MAJOR vibes right now...

    I hope your superiors realise that you were / are doing the best job, and that what you are doing will hopefully improve the lives of the couple involved, and for your company to lose you would be losing a great asset. Good luck, and keep us informed!