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    Homemade diet / nutritionalist question

    I am looking at either ordering free range meet from or finding a place closer to home. Would love to find a rabbit place - anyone have suggestions for finding good meat? Heather V. Havel
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    Homemade diet / nutritionalist question

    I have a cat that has a history of liver problems and her latest blood test is showing some possible slight kidney problems. She has recently started to lose serious weight and her fur is no longer as soft. She has unfortunitly been eating Science Diet Liver Diet, but I am moving her to raw...
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    Bush says to get ready for war

    I haven't had time to look for my class notes, but I found this on Time - covers a couple of the issues including Iran and Iraq... Just an FYI...,00.html Heather V. Havel
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    How many cats does everyone own?

    Heck - I want every cat that showes up on our property! But my husband says I can't save them all - and feeding them, sterilizing them, and providing shelter outside is all we can do. Heather V. Havel
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    Bush says to get ready for war

    Let me dig my class notes up (I took American Foreign Policy) - I believe we got rid of a government in Iraq and then put someone else in. I'll find out exacts... I don't believe what they did was right - just that we (Americans) should take a more active role in government to make sure such...
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    How many cats does everyone own?

    We have a total of 9 cats - 6 that own us and three fosters who are trying to own us! Any one want to adopt? 2 have to go together - brothers that have never been apart - just over a year old - one is all black med. length hair and just goes limp when you pick him up -- the other is a big...
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    Bush says to get ready for war

    I also stand 100% behind Bush... This is prob. been posted else where but... Do you all realize we trained Bin Laden? And that the US government has done some HORRIBLE things to theses countries and that is why they hate us? I believe that those who did this should be punished, but care...
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    A Not-so serious One

    Your cats are actually graceful and quiet during the day?! I have 6 cats and 3 foster cats - and the only time they are graceful or quiet is when they are asleep - well most of them, Grendel snores... Heather Havel Michigan, USA
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    New Puppy Dog!

    Crate training! Dawn has it 100%! I foster animals until they get adopted out and always crate train! Dogs / puppies do not like to go to the bathroom where they sleep and eat. They will whine when they need to go out - actually they usually whine when they don't need to go out, but a water...
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    Books, Books, and more Books !

    I just don't understand why we are at a standstill in the space department. I understand it is expensive for the government - but why hasn't the private industries entered into the fray? I know of very few people who wouldn't go up in a second! My husband and I would go in a heartbeat! Just...
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    Florida residents... Any one know of a GSD rescue group?

    I've emailed everyone in the area that I can - but haven't heard anything back. I can't find the Humane (what a name for a place that puts animals down - often not nicely (1 "Humane" Society drowns their animals!)) Societies phone number =( I'll keep looking though. I do dog rescue but with...
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    Florida residents... Any one know of a GSD rescue group?

    I know this is a cat site but... would someone who lives near by check this out? Is there a German Shepherd Dog rescue in Florida? This is horrible! Heather
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    Zodiac signs-1

    Cleo, I'm Pisces! And I have 6 full time owners and 3 masters that are just leasing me (fosters)... Heather
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    Undiagnosed Cause for Diarrhea

    I'm sure you have already tried this but... what kind of food is she eating? I know my dog has cronic diarrhea on some kinds of food. Have they tried Kaopectate? Roland, my dog gets diarrhea at the drop of a hat - and we give him this - also oatmeal and pumpkin... Sorry I wasn't more help...
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    cat going to shelter in 3 days please help!

    About the feline missing the box - I thought seriously about buying a large plastic box and cutting out part of a side and putting the litter box in it (with out a cover to the large box or the kitty litter). That way if Mort (the cat in our case that was missing) missed it was easy to clean...
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    cat going to shelter in 3 days please help!

    First thing you must do is confine the felines - if they aren't getting along prob. separated would be best. Then you have to give your home the cleaning of a lifetime! Make sure you use an enzyme cleaner and a black light (it helps find spots you may have missed). I also suggest taking them...
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    my kitten goes to the bathroom EVERYWHERE!

    I know this will be difficult but you need to confine her to one room to start with. If she uses only her litterbox when only in the one room then have several litterboxes in all of her "favorite" potty spots. Also you will have to clean the heck out of all of the spots with an enzyme cleaner...
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    Behavior Issues In Older Cats (long)

    While I am fortunitly gifted with still young cats, we are also very lucky to have a wonderful vet - her specialty is feline geriatrics. Heather
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    elisabethan collar probs

    Why did they end up doing surgery for it? My dog has this and the vet said there wasn't anything that could be done. (I'm not really thrilled with this vet and am currently trying to find a new one - pref. a female vet) Heather
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    Phones, a gift from the gods

    Kittyfoot, Another snow fan, eh?! My husband and I are trying to find jobs in Alaska. Actually we would be happy anywhere with snow! The lower peninsula of Michigan doesn't get nearly as much snow as we used to and what snow we do get gets icey from the warmer days. I down hill, cross...