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  1. gingersmom

    The "Missing TCS Members" Thread

    Okay, here's my update, folks: I am now living back in Salem, MA after spending 4-1/2 years in Lexington, NC. I loved it there and miss the friends I made, but in 2011 I became disabled with a chronic pain condition, peripheral neuropathy (non-diabetic, but it's the burning kind.) I moved home...
  2. gingersmom

    The "Missing TCS Members" Thread

    *waves hello* Busy over on Facebook. :)
  3. gingersmom

    Our Fran (rapunzel47)

    I am so very sorry to hear of Fran's passing. She was someone special. <3
  4. gingersmom

    6 Things I Learned from Our Ringworm Plague (book length....)

    HOW can you use Lamasil topically on cats when it is poisonous for them to ingest?  I am using it on myself, and would love to start treating Max's spot NOW, but I've read topicals are toxic when ingested.  
  5. gingersmom

    Well, the long-dreaded thing has hit my home...RINGWORM!!!

    On August 1st, I handled a 3-4 month old kitten in a home that I went to pick up a TV set from. He had some lesions that presented strangely, and appeared to be a yeast infection. I urged his foster mom (she helps rescues out) to get him to the vet ASAP, which she did, but she was not able to...
  6. gingersmom

    Has anybody tried royal canin dry food?

    My bengals have done really well. I actually switched (and it was a slow switch, I mixed the foods rather than making an abrupt change) and they are now eating Purina One Beyond mixed with Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul. I simply couldn't bring myself to feed them JUST Purina, so this...
  7. gingersmom

    Leash Training?

    Baby is harness trained and I take her for walks in the yard around the house. She knows when I get the harness it's time to go out. :) I started by putting the harness on her and leaving it on for an hour or so at a time in the house. I got an "H" style harness rather than the figure 8 style...
  8. gingersmom

    She's been bringing me gifts...

    Well, that's what I figured when I looked at that back end of a poor little dead baby bunny! It's love that counts the most, and they love us and show us. Isn't that just the best?!
  9. gingersmom

    She's been bringing me gifts...

    I know exactly what you mean. Why ruin such a good thing?
  10. gingersmom

    She's been bringing me gifts...

    That's so cool! What a character - so inventive! (Not cool is the part about the poor guinea pigs, though, poor babies. )
  11. gingersmom

    She's been bringing me gifts...

    Now THAT is true love.
  12. gingersmom

    She's been bringing me gifts...

    Baby Bonnie brings me her little stuffed cats and "her" feather wands. When I clean my bedroom there are always a hoard of little stuffed cats (bought in quantity of about 10 on an impulse for $1 each at Target a few years back, no one loved them until Baby Bonnie found them. ) under my bed, far...
  13. gingersmom

    She's been bringing me gifts...

    That's not that far off topic - I know I asked about outdoor kitty gifts, but I love hearing about the indoor kitty gifts too - they are a lot more funny!
  14. gingersmom

    She's been bringing me gifts...

    WOW, that is so awesome, so loving - and yet so brutal! Definitely shows the true nature of our sweet furry babies: they are all prey animals, and darned good at it.
  15. gingersmom

    She's been bringing me gifts...

    Yay for the snakie still being alive! And about them looking proud: When I picked it up on cardboard to dispose of it, I showed it to Sissy and asked her if that was a present from her to me. Her response was to rub her cheek once, slowly, on each side of the cardbord. Talk about proud...
  16. gingersmom

    Sad & exciting at the same time plus need advise

    Take BOTH. Everything happens for a reason. I think Nub-e's up at the Bridge, helping you get pointed in the right direction, since he was unable to stay. Both.
  17. gingersmom

    She's been bringing me gifts...

    Sissycat really appreciates all I have done for her, giving her a shelter space on my front porch with a comforter inside it, keeping it warm for her on cold nights with a heated disc, putting out water for her and daily meals she can always count on. She tells me so by bringing me little...
  18. gingersmom

    Automatic feeders with multiple multiple cats?

    I can't help, but wanted to respond, at least. I have 6 inside, and they are all freefed dry, and given wet every few nights in the evening. I do work 10+ hour days (mostly 12, lol,) and with 6 cats, I find that one bowl of food per day is sufficient, even with two of them being a bit piggish...
  19. gingersmom

    New pics of Sophie the GORGEOUS Himalayan!

    Oh, WHAT a FACE!!! She's looking SO much better, and she's smiling at you!!! I told you she's in the right place - and now she's realizing it, too!!! You're so wonderful to these kitties.
  20. gingersmom

    New foster kitty!!

    Oh, the poor sweetie! She's in just the right place. I bet she doesn't even know how lucky she is to have you for a foster meowmy...yet. But she will.