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    Pancreatic and insulin resistant diabetic

    Very dusty. My grand baby spends a lot of time here and I’m afraid the dust will bother her even more than the rest of us. (She’s lower to the ground 😊)
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    Pancreatic and insulin resistant diabetic

    Hmm, that’s a thought. Wouldn’t that also stick?
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    Pancreatic and insulin resistant diabetic

    I thought of the shredded paper, but it is very difficult to find. I used to be able to get it at Petco, but they no longer carry it in any store within a 30 mile radius of me - believe me I looked and made the phone calls. what brand do you use? Maybe I can try another search. Yes on all of...
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    Pancreatic and insulin resistant diabetic

    Since I have several cats, I have several boxes. She just uses this one the most as it is on the main floor and doesn’t do stairs much anymore. I only have one on the main floor because we also have a dog that likes litter a bit too much. She has used the other boxes, same issue, that litter...
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    Pancreatic and insulin resistant diabetic

    Greta is 11. Perfectly healthy until about 6 months ago. After much testing, diagnosed with pancreatitis and diabetes. The diabetes is proving to be insulin resistant. Started with Prozinc, worked our way up to 8 units with no success. Changed to Lantus and we are now up to 5 units twice...
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    Kidney cancer and nephrectomy - any of you with experience to share?

    Anya is about 9 ish - not sure of age as she is a rescue. She stopped eating and started losing weight. To make a long story short, we just got the diagnosis after an xray, bloodwork and a sonogram that it is kidney cancer. They are not sure if lymphoma, or carcinoma. Dr says if carcinoma, a...
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    When The Moment Has Passed. Why We Grieve So Intensely.

    Thank you Gareth. In 2013, I found your original post which helped me through my grief of losing my 18th month old Gordon. I have said goodbye to 4 other cats since then, but last night was for Brady, my 18 1/2 year old diabetic with IBD. It was a rough weekend starting with Saturday morning...
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    Please Help Identify Lesion!

    Please, please take her to the vet right away if you have not already. I just lost my 16 year old cat last week and I wont go into details as this could be something completely different, but don't take any chances. Hanna also started with a lesion, but as I said, could be different - there are...
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    First time poster - possible FIP?

    Has your vet looked into the possibility of IBD? I have a 16 year old cat that has had this for years. While it never goes away, he is on a small dose of prednisone every other day, and when his diarrhea is very bad, centrine helps. Over the years, we tried everything, diet (including raw)...
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    Virus concern from cat who had fip?

    6 years ago today, we said goodbye to Gordon - 18 months old with FIP. We had our other two cats tested right after (we also got all new litter boxes, cat trees, etc. ) Both cats tested positive for the corona virus and both are still alive today - one is 8 and one is 16. Neither ever...
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    When the moment comes...

    I first read this six years ago this week when I lost my 18 month old kitten Gordon to FIP. Yesterday, I put my 15-year-old girl Hanna to sleep and I’ve been crying ever sense. I remembered this post this morning and came back for some more solace. While I love all my cats, and have cried over...
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    Advice needed regarding fibrosarcoma

    <3 <3 Thank you.
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    Surgery Or Not For A 13 Year-old Who Has Fibrosarcoma (a Malignant Lump)

    Thank you. After reading it, I think I might have been better off not asking, but I guess it was what I expected to hear, not what I wanted to hear.
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    FIP? Help :( I would also refer you to the above post on this site - written by a member in 2011, has had many views, and it helped me when I lost Gordon. Noting takes away the immense pain when you lose a cat, but listening to the rationale of...
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    FIP? Help :(

    Its been 6 years this month since I lost my 18 month old Gordon to FIP. Very difficult to diagnose, and unfortunately no cure. My vet tried everything but he not only lost a lot of weight quickly, he went from being a very playful kitten to barely moving in a short time. I probably waited too...
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    Advice needed regarding fibrosarcoma

    Hanna last night when she first came home.
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    Advice needed regarding fibrosarcoma

    I have been reading older posts and would like to hear from anyone who has had a cat diagnosed with this in the past and how that cat is doing now, or if passed, how it progressed (not looking to open up old hurts as I have lost enough of my babies to know that the pain never goes away)...
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    Surgery Or Not For A 13 Year-old Who Has Fibrosarcoma (a Malignant Lump)

    I know its almost a year later, but can you update me on your cat's progress? My 15 year old just had this surgery yesterday and I am so worried - the incision is huge. Just waiting for pathology reports to see if he got it all. I know about the possibility of it coming back - he said lets...
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    Need Wet Food Suggestion Consistency Of Baby Food

    Thank you, yes. Tried both. I suppose I could put it in the blender and see how that goes, otherwise he laps up the most liquid part and leaves the rest.
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    Need Wet Food Suggestion Consistency Of Baby Food

    16 year old cat had gotten more finicky. He now will only eat baby food. He also tried and ate Hills A/D that I had for another senior cat that was recently sick, however medically he does not need it and I have no more anyway. I need suggestions for wet food but the consistency of baby food or...