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    The Good And The Bad of Miralax

    My vet said that the only thing to be wary of with miralax is that whatever water stays in the colon bound to the miralax, isnt absorbed into the body so you want to make sure youre adding water to the food you are putting miralax in, so your cat is drinking extra water with it.
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    Is my large cat hurting my small cat? Thank you for the help.

    My sibling cats have a serious size discrepancy as well.. one is 7 lbs, the other is 13 lbs. The smaller one hisses and growls sometimes at her brother, but i think it is because that's the only way for her to communicate to her brother to knock it off if he is being too rough, since she is so...
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    The Good And The Bad of Miralax

    My understanding of Miralax is that it simply keeps the water it binds to, in the stool... but it doesn't draw water into the intestines that wasnt already there.
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    Finnicky eater with constipation

    Since the constipation and hard poops has been going on for a long time, and the elevated liver enzymes is new, the vet doesnt think is related... she said it could be making it somewhat worse, simply because liver problems cause inappetance and she stopped eating as much, so there is just less...
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    Finnicky eater with constipation

    She mostly eats wet food with water added to it. She sometimes snubs wet food in the mornings, but those are usually the mornings that she chooses to eat the fiber response kibble. She turns down pumpkin, too. I have not heard of the hairball gel but will definitely look into that.
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    Finnicky eater with constipation

    My 13 yr old girl has always been an infrequent pooper, and her poops have always run a little on the smaller and dry side, so it's always been something we have had to keep an eye on. In the past couple of years, though, she has had a couple of bouts with constipation leading to straining and...
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    Has anyone’s cat gone over the 48 hour mark with no poo, but no sign of straining or impacted poo?

    One of my cats poops every 2-3 days... she has pushed it to longer,,,,but she also has had to have enemas twice. She takes miralax and lactulose, too. She is an old lady and was always an infrequent pooper, but it is only in recent years that she has needed an enema.
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    Completely confounded by elimination issue

    Wait, just so im understanding this correctly.... the cat now poos in the third litter box when it is placed in the spot he was pooing on the floor???
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    Sometimes goes in the closet

    If he is eating and drinking fine and still alert/active and responsive if you try to interact with him while he's in there... he may just enjoy the closet. One of my cats had a spot in my closet that he decided was his new bedroom for about 5 months. For a while his new bedroom was on top of...
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    Cat siblings not getting along after a move

    I've moved quite a few times with my 2 sibling cats, and usually they quarrel for a while over their new haunts within the house....basically establishing whose haunt it is. The male cat tends to be territorial over "his" spots for a while and if his sister sits in one of them, if he notices...
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    Vet trimmed cat's nails with a grinder--how long till they come back in?

    I think so? The nails are shorter but also very smooth i know it wasnt a normal clipper and have seen ads and stuff for the nail grinders that do look like dremels. She also can barely use the scratching post now. I wonder if that it making it take longer for her new nails to come...
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    Vet trimmed cat's nails with a grinder--how long till they come back in?

    My cat loves climbing and we have climbing poles set up on our walls for her.... after a recent vet visit, they used a grinder on all 4 of her paws and whenever she tries to climb now, her feet slip around and she falls. At first i was worried she was.going to hurt herself because she would...
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    Anti nausea and appetite stimulant meds with liver disease

    My kitty has recently had bloodwork done which showed elevated liver enzymes and billirubin.... and retested which showed that the billirubin had elevated further. She has been finicky about what she will eat and seems to be due to nausea so she was prescribed mirataz and cerenia. Should i be...