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  1. Father of furbabies

    how to store kibble / dry food?

    For one cat (before the current ones) we used a vacuum sealer bag system and would break food down into smaller portions then toss them in the freezer. The current cats don't care and are chow hounds so the food does not last long enough to go stale.
  2. Father of furbabies

    I have a question

    Does that spot have a raised area, like a small ring or bump? I would think it is probably a bug bite, even if she isn't licking it. It's a guess so a vet trip would be the best choice.
  3. Father of furbabies

    Considering A Dog, Interested In Best Practices For Successfully Introducing Her To Catses

    If you can, ask the shelter if she has be around cats there or elsewhere and how she reacted. I know it doesn't work for everyone but I used a treat based training with my dogs to get them adjusted to the cats when we got them. Just took dog biscuits and broke them into bits then started doing...
  4. Father of furbabies

    if a rocking recliner isn't used, is it still safe?

    If you can, wedge the chair up against a wall so it can not rock. If you can not or do not wish to do that, you can use a book or a door jamb (looks like a wedge) that you can use to jam the rocker to where it does not move. Understand that if the chair is not used by a human, you might have it...
  5. Father of furbabies

    My cats don’t meow

    Shade is over 3 yrs old now and will occasionally talk to me or my wife. He did not start speaking to us till he was around 2 yrs old and I told the wife that he will speak when he has something to say. Noka, on the other hand, is just a few months younger than Shade but she was apparently a...
  6. Father of furbabies

    Help me speak "cat"!

    Even if they did not like each other, there will be an unsettling feeling that your cat will experience. Most cats do not like change in a household routine, including the death of an enemy or not friend. If the meowing is recent or has increased recently then this could be the cause. They could...
  7. Father of furbabies

    Help me speak "cat"!

    Shade and Noka loved watching youtube videos of fish tanks. They also look out the front windows now to watch the birds and squirrels at the feeders. I have a cat tree condo sitting in front of the window where they can lay and watch the birds eating seed from the window feeder. These are...
  8. Father of furbabies

    Help me speak "cat"!

    Depending on her history, she could be vocalizing some sort of anxiety. If she got abandoned or was given lots of attention then ignored, she could be anxious about it happening again. She might want to be held or carried around for a bit. Without knowing her history, you will be just guessing...
  9. Father of furbabies

    Where DO we get those silly cat 'endearment' names from?

    Shade gets called fuzzbutt and cuddlebuddy by me alot. He is also called Cog (Cat/Dog) as he responds like a dog a lot of times.
  10. Father of furbabies

    Why Does My Cat

    Why does my cat Shade now likes to drink tea from my mug? I tell him no constantly but as soon as my attention is not on the mug, he is sticking his face into the mug and drinking the tea. There is a bowl of fresh water for them but he wants what I drink.
  11. Father of furbabies

    Outdoor Catio

    You might need to build a small platform under the window (similar to a window AC platform) and box frame it so you can install wire mesh around it (think a small chicken coop) then run the tunnel off it.
  12. Father of furbabies

    Outdoor Catio

    Depending your space, you might be able to find a shed framing kit and turn that into a catio, otherwise you will have to look into purchasing the lumber and doing the work yourself (or hiring someone) to build a custom catio.
  13. Father of furbabies

    He is always scared...

    How is Blue doing? Has things settled down and is he adjusting? Haven't heard anything so just was checking up on the situation.
  14. Father of furbabies

    He is always scared...

    Hopefully in time Blue's issues will pass but your father shouldn't need to creep in. Just let him know it is just going to be like a baby sleeping. He will understand what it means (he is a dad after all). Overall it will take time to figure out what the triggering issue is and hopefully it...
  15. Father of furbabies

    He is always scared...

    I would suggest that if you know when your father comes home, take Blue into your room for initial 15 to 20 minutes of his arrival. That is usually the most noisiest and chaotic times in a household is when people arrive. After that time, most households tend to return to a more quiet or sedate...
  16. Father of furbabies

    He is always scared...

    How long have you had him? If it has been less than 6 months then he is still in transition (settling in) stage of being rehomed (adoption). Some cats take less than 6 months but others take longer. Go at his pace for adjusting and don't rush him. It will be frustrating sometimes and worrying...
  17. Father of furbabies

    He is always scared...

    Shaunie. Understand you are not at fault. Worrying about your furbaby is totally normal. How old is your kit? With him being a rescue, he might have experienced some event prior to your adoption which involved a man. What that was is probably unknowable but for now talk to your father and let...
  18. Father of furbabies

    Picture of the Month Competition - November 2021: Cats Inspecting Things

    Shade was inspecting the cables as he heard there was 5 cats (cat5 ethernet cabling) back there.
  19. Father of furbabies

    Cats In Boxes!

    Shade has moved into his new home. A small cozy box to nap in.
  20. Father of furbabies

    How to help a cat be a cat?

    I only have a small suggestion about the cat tree /scratching posts. Show him how to use it. I had to show my two furkids how to use the tree. What I would do when I had their attention is to actually scratch my fingernails on the scratching part which would make them curious. I did that a few...