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    That's great news!
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    My boy loves the water I cook white meat chicken in for him. Nothing else is added to the water. He laps it up.
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    Hobie Made It To 20 Years Old!

    Happy Birthday, Hobie, and kudos to your caregiver!!!!
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    A New Roof Coming Know What That Means...

    We checked into a nearby pet friendly hotel while our roof was going up. Stayed there during the workday to avoid the noise, went home each night. Worked out great for us.
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    Sleeping Cats!

    Punky stretching out on the couch.
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    Behaviour Change At 11 Years Old Siamese Cat, Please Help

    Is she kept indoors? I have always trimmed the claws on mine, even though they have scratching posts. Have you recently changed her food? Has something changed in her environment?
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    Hello! First Time Cat Mom Here!

    Congratulations on your new best friend. She is adorable. I like your first thought of name - Cinabon, maybe Bonbon for short. No matter what we name our kitties we always end up with a nickname that they seem to prefer.
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    Follow Along As Maggie Grows

    What a lucky, plucky, precious little puss is Miss Maggie. She is absolutely adorable.
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    Contest Springtime Kitties! April 2017

    This is SugarBear, a sweet Balinese kitty who will ever be in my heart. He and his best friend, Willow, loved our balcony and waltzed amid the flowers we grew out there. Sugar and Willow are now in kitty heaven and the plants are no longer on the balcony because our newcomer, Punky (see Avatar)...
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    How to Bath a Cat Confined with a Broken Leg? And How to Survive Post-Sedation Chaos? And Poop Chao

    Oh,Book Em Dano, poor you! Poor kitty! My furry boy has a verrry furry tush and frequently gets poop on the area around his anus. I use non-allergenic wipes from the pet store and wear thin disposable gloves (a package is very inexpensive at the grocery) to clean him up. I also use them to wipe...
  11. Pumpkin I'm a big boy I am 030 copy.jpg

    Pumpkin I'm a big boy I am 030 copy.jpg

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    Comment by 'punkysmom' in article '52 Reasons Why Cats Must Get Inside Boxes'

      Loved this. What a beautiful way to start my morning. Thank you!  
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    FVRCP booster for mature indoor cat?

    Thank you, JCat. That is a very interesting article.
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    FVRCP booster for mature indoor cat?

    My (almost) ten year old male Birman is due for his FVRCP three year booster this month. He is an indoor cat. What is the current wisdom about these boosters? 
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    Best Way to Store Dry Cat Food

    I also use glass jars with metal lids and keep them tightly closed.  
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    My Cat died today

    So very, very  sorry for your loss.