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  1. bella713

    Our Fran (rapunzel47)

    Awwww :(  RIP Fran    I am so sorry for her family.   I'm sure she is surrounded, by all of our Rainbow Bridge kitties
  2. bella713

    TCS vibes much needed please - Smudge is missing- she's home

    Oh no You must be frantic being so far away too, I hope she comes home soon
  3. bella713

    Sophie the Himalayan

    She's a doll baby
  4. bella713

    Velvet Needs Vibes

    Nikki, I am so sorry to read this, I know what it's like to have that "Soul Kitty" that no other cat can compare to, and to face losing that amazing love in your life, I pray whatever her journey; it's pain free Big hugs to you Nikki
  5. bella713

    My ex is very sick

    So sorry to hear this Jenny, I am so sorry for Faith
  6. bella713

    Magical Good Vibes are required here....

    Best of Luck Rigel
  7. bella713

    I feel like I am always asking for Vibes... Bugsy...

    Awww, poor baby boy He has a great Momma He knows you are trying to help him. What a great Boss for understanding how important your babies are to you Many vibes for Bugsy
  8. bella713

    Melissa Ann Best - my step sister-in-law - is missing

    How terribly sad I am so sorry Heidi
  9. bella713

    Huge, mega vibes needed

    The person that did that should be starved, How could you look into those eyes and abuse that poor baby
  10. bella713

    New foster kitty!!

    That's my kind of cat, what a doll...good luck with her Nat
  11. bella713

    Melissa Ann Best - my step sister-in-law - is missing

    This was on our news yesterday...keeping the prayers and good vibes coming
  12. bella713

    Happy 16th birthday Stumpy!

    Happy Birthday Stumpy That pic of him and the dog is precious
  13. bella713

    Melissa Ann Best - my step sister-in-law - is missing

    Many prayers she is found safe and sound, this is truly my biggest fear to lose a loved one and not know where they are or what happened to them, God be with them
  14. bella713

    Amissing kitty needs TCS vibes to find her way home!

    Oh no, any update?
  15. bella713

    Please Send Mega Vibes: Randall's In the Hospital Again

    Hope he's doing okay
  16. bella713

    Can I get some job vibes please

    Good Luck
  17. bella713

    Does anyone here have a nervous kitty who on the way to the vet

    Yes, Joey panics big time, yells the whole way there and always pees, while there he squeezes my neck so tight and pokes his nose in my neck, he breathes very heavy while there also. We had a new vet see him one time and she said take him home now, she was freaked out!
  18. bella713

    Cat strollers

    We have that exact one, my cats love it, and love to take rides in the house in it and sleep in it. When I have to take more than one of them to the vet/groomer I use it.
  19. bella713

    Dear Kaylee.

    I am crying reading this, I am SO SORRY RIP Kaylee