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    I can't afford kittens. Should I bring my pregnant cat to the Animal Shelter?

    I should have posted earlier this week that I'd found a no-kill shelter which would accept my cats. I couldn't bring them in during the week because I was working but I was planning on bringing them in today. (First shelter I've ever witnessed being open on Sundays.) I had no idea that Rugly...
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    I can't afford kittens. Should I bring my pregnant cat to the Animal Shelter?

    Oh dear, I'm new to this site and I can only store 10. All of you have been so kind and sent me so many PM's! I emptied the folder for you, LDG.
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    RIP Bast

    Your post was so short, so sweet, and so heartfelt. Bast was a beautiful cat and is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
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    How to avoid heatstroke?

    I'm by no means an expert, so take my advice with a grain of salt. Perhaps you could trim the poofy one's fur. It won't make a huge difference, but I know that when I don't have long hair, it's a lot cooler. Towels with cold water on them around the house could keep the air a tiny bit cooler...
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    I can't afford kittens. Should I bring my pregnant cat to the Animal Shelter?

    This is a very serious question, and a heart wrenching decision that I need to make. I'm a very poor single mother, with a minimum wage job as a bank teller. My twins were born when I was only 14, I was kicked out of the house at 15, and 2 more children have come from a man who refuses to pitch...
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    A little nervous to join this community! :)

    Thanks so much for the gift! You're a sweetheart!
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    Signature Request Thread

    Don't worry about it! When I opened the message to quote and reply, I could see the address fMifu.jpg, presumed that you were using Imgur, and was able to get the address correctly in my browser. I love the signature. It looks exactly like what I wanted. Thank you catbehaviors!! ETA: I feel...
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    Am I a bad cat owner for leaving my cats out all night?

    I don't have 4 other cats, I have 2 cats and 4 children. I don't want to get my cats spayed or neutered because I believe it is their right to reproduce.
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    Signature Request Thread

    Muchos gracias, my friend!
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    Tuesday Meow Trivia!...:) Please help us donate kibble with a simple click!

    Both right!! It feels wonderful to donate kibble!
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    When is Chumley's GOTCHA day?

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    I can haz pink kittehs?

    Why do scientists think that they know anything about what cats see anymore than they can discern exactly what another human being sees? It's all in perception and that no one can know without stepping into your brain. I think that cats can see all colors, but they process it differently than...
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    Borders is closing for good!

    Don't forget about e-readers! It's becoming an internet world, isn't it?
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    Am I a bad cat owner for leaving my cats out all night?

    I live in a tiny apartment with 4 boys. Needless to say, my cats would destroy the house if they were trapped inside (I've had them indoors several times on harsh winter days and it was not a pretty sight), so I allow them to roam the neighborhood all night and day. They enjoy the outdoors...
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    Ever wonder how old your cat really is?

    Your cat sounds like he could be my best friend! I'm 23 and act like I'm 90 sometimes! LOL!
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    Signature Request Thread

    I'd love to have a signature of my kitties. I'll put a link to the photo where it's hosted on Imgur here: I love pink and green as a color combo, and I'd like the signature to say "Momma's Little Munchkins" in the middle at the bottom. I'd love the text to be black. I don't have any other...
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    Kitty Cat Heart

    My furbabies making a ♥ together.
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    My Cats

    My! Your kitties all look so round and fuzzy. I wanna give em' all a big hug!