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  1. rosehawke

    Horrible eBay experience

    You have to watch it. A lot of the high volume dealers on eBay are drop-shippers, the "middle-man." I try not to deal with drop-shippers, why should I? Nine times out of ten I can find the item elsewhere online for the same price --- or less! I also try not to deal with vendors with less than...
  2. rosehawke

    Ladies, come in and help this young man.

    Here's something REALLY SIMPLE for you , it's what we pretty much live on when we're in the "diet/exercise/workout" mode: If you've got a membership to a local warehouse store (Costco's, Sam's) get the big bag of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts (about $13 for 6.5#.) Tyson puts them out...
  3. rosehawke

    eBay Sellers...Can You Help?

    I'll give you the short answer as best I know until someone else comes along . You need the Premier account in order to accept credit/debit cards and I believe there is a percentage taken out for this. As far as I know, just person to person does not require the premier account, but there may be...
  4. rosehawke

    I half to laugh at Oscar

    Oh, my goodness ! There is just no possible way that I could resist that! However do you do it?
  5. rosehawke

    I need a new vacuum.

    I've just got other things besides a vacuum that I'd much rather spend $500 at one whack on. I'd rather replace the thing every 3-4 years (although my first vac, a Kenmore cannister, was around $150 and lasted 10+ years) for under $100.
  6. rosehawke

    How apropos :-)

    Accent? What accent ? Wait 'til you hear it spoken by someone if you haven't already.
  7. rosehawke

    Is this allowed?.................

    They're not supposed to, but there are so many thousands of listings that some slip through the cracks I guess.
  8. rosehawke

    Cats on TV shows

    Movies and TV shows both, I suspect they're hard to work with. I can imagine it would take a very special kind of cat or other animal to be able to tolerate the subdued chaos that is a movie/TV set, never mind being able to work under such conditions!
  9. rosehawke

    Heidi gave me an idea- what is your favorite word?

    Oh! I couldn't find that one! I tried typing in :raspberry: but that didn't work obviously, . A new one to learn Cool !
  10. rosehawke

    How apropos :-)

    That's what I understand, that while last year y'all were way above rainfallwise, this year you're way below. Apparently it's got something to do with the way the jet-stream, etc., is going. It's also contributing to our above normal temperatures. From what I understand, all of y'alls rain is...
  11. rosehawke


    This is second hand, so you can make of it what you will. Hubby was on Celexa for a couple of years, it helped immensely with his anxiety and various other issues he has/had. His main problem with it was that he said it made him "feel like a zombie." Also, whereas used to he always got into work...
  12. rosehawke

    I need a new vacuum.

    The thing about bagless as opposed to bags is that in my experience vacuums that use bags get to where they don't suck as well as the bag fills. The bagless you can empty each time so you always have a fresh one so to speak. And it's amazing the amount of crud you see that you pick up out of a...
  13. rosehawke

    My cat's terrified of vacuum cleaner

    We call that the "kitty monster" along with the broom and anything else that makes cats run for the hills. At least we used to . These two really don't care that much. If it gets too close they'll go get in their tree so that they can keep an eye on it from a safe distance, but otherwise it...
  14. rosehawke

    Does Anyone Here Have A Maine Coon?

    Sowbug or pillbug. One of THESE ...
  15. rosehawke

    Heidi gave me an idea- what is your favorite word?

    Ryan --- (I really wanted an animated raspberry blowing smiley but it appears we don't have one!)
  16. rosehawke

    How apropos :-)

    I just did my 30 minutes on the exercycle (2 weeks into the new year and I'm still on my diet and exercise!) and after watching X-Men while I cycled switched on the CD player. It's a nasty, wet, icky, drizzly day here, the kind where you want to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea...
  17. rosehawke

    Heidi gave me an idea- what is your favorite word?

    All of them ! Anyone who has the patience to read my posts can tell I have a difficult time editing anything out.
  18. rosehawke

    Finally started being my own boss!!

    You go girl ! Hmmm, now you can buy a new truck and take it off your income tax as a business related expense.
  19. rosehawke

    I need a new vacuum.

    You say you changed the bag and now it won't suck anything up. Did you check the belt, and did you check the hose? I was ready to chunk my bagless last year (like THIS one,) when it totally stopped sucking up. So to speak . I finally took it apart and after checking EVERYthing, discovered that...
  20. rosehawke

    My next car

    Wow! It really looks like the old Challenger, too! I know the automakers have "brought back" other cars that in my humble opinion can barely claim the names they slap on them. In his youth DH was heavily into Muscle Cars, although he was a Chevy man. Chevelles, Novas, that sort of thing...