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  1. jolie0216

    Interstate Kitten

    It's fantastic to get this update! I haven't been on this site too much lately, but I clearly remember this thread and the poor baby eating rocks on the highway :( I'm so glad to hear she is doing so well in your family! My guys LOVE greenies too, one of my boys especially so...anytime it...
  2. jolie0216

    Interstate Kitten

    I know, me too  -   such a sad beginning....that's why I'm so thrilled that Kiwi's story ended so happily!   Thanks for continuing to update on her :)
  3. jolie0216

    Pyrantel Pamoate Dosing Question/Problem

    I bought the "horse" tube of Strongid at the tractor supply store.  You can save a lot of money doing it this way (esp if you have multiple cats or strays/ferals that you care for).    To properly dose this Strongid for your cat, you need 3 things: - your cat's weight - the concentration of...
  4. jolie0216

    How should I feed my emaciated stray cat

    Bowie looks great!   If at all possible, see if your vet offers the Purevax rabies vaccine (it's the non-adjuvanted vaccine).   The risk of vaccine related sarcoma (cancer) is much much lower with the non-adjuvanted rabies vaccine.    Other than that, you'll need to get her the FVRCP vaccine...
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    I don't have any personal experience with this, but I am very interested in what others have to say - my first hunch, after researching medical marijuana for myself, is that it would be perfectly fine as an animal supplement.   I can tell you this - all of my cats really enjoy munching a fan...
  6. jolie0216

    Bargains & coupons

    Thanks for posting these!!   I was literally just at Petco a couple hours ago tonight, and they're having a big promotion for Canidae products - wet & dry! They're offering triple Petco reward points for any Canidae dry food purchase, and I think something like $4 off if you buy 15 3oz Canidae...
  7. jolie0216

    Let's talk about rabies in cats - is your cat vaccinated?

    I live in Ohio and as Denice stated above, there is no state-wide law requiring vaccination of rabies.  However, there is a legal order in certain particular counties that mandate vaccination of rabies for pets, but I don't live in one of those counties.    I vaccinated each of my cats for...
  8. jolie0216

    Irritated bald spot inside leg

    Yes, I definitely agree.  If it hadn't shown signs of improvement within a couple days (or if it looked like it was getting infected) I would have definitely gone to the vet.  But, at least in person, it looked like a scrape or a claw-mark from horsing around.  It's so difficult to know when...
  9. jolie0216

    Irritated bald spot inside leg

    Just an FYI in case anyone else ever sees a similar spot on their cat: Ended up not putting any ointment on it, and ended up not going to the vet either.  It healed up perfectly fine on its own and it is now fully covered up by fur!  So I guess it was just a scrape or maybe a scratch from too...
  10. jolie0216

    Irritated bald spot inside leg

    Do you guys think the red streaks look like teeth or scratch marks?  I don't have a black light, so I can't test that out.   It just doesn't look like ringworm to me after having viewed a whole bunch of cat ringworm pics on Google Image.   It looks like a scrape or something otherwise...
  11. jolie0216

    Columbus OH Pet Expo March 11-13

    Hello everyone! I'm not personally affiliated with this organization or anything, but this looks really cool and if anyone of you guys is around central Ohio, this might be worth checking out! Starts Friday March 11 through Sunday March 13.  Going to be at the...
  12. Irritated bald spot inside leg

    Irritated bald spot inside leg

  13. jolie0216

    Irritated bald spot inside leg

    Hello everyone! I saw something on the inside of one of my cat's back leg that worried me - it looks like spot that he has irritated and made bald and raw.  I haven't noticed him over-grooming himself in that area (although I suppose it's possible while I'm at work or something - but when I am...
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  18. jolie0216

    Cat vaccine reaction

    Did they give her diphenhydramine (benadryl) for the antihistamine? If so: It is a fairly short acting antihistamine lasting around 4—6 hours  per dose. The maximum sedative effect of the drug occurs between 1—3 hours. but to give a more exact answer, need to know the weight of your cat and...
  19. jolie0216

    Frustrated, going through the ringer!

    Bless you for helping poor Willow - sounds like her previous owner certainly did not care for her properly.  I'm amazed they dealt with a cat in heat for all those years, notwithstanding all of her other health problems!  That's unconscionable that she had not seen a vet prior to you & your wife...