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  1. catlover1028

    My Scratched Scratched My Eye Lid.

    Hi! Was she a stray/rescue? If she was a stray she would have been outside all the time so maybe you could buy a harness and take her on walks to burn some energy. When I rescued my cat 8 years ago, she was a stray. I felt bad about keeping her cooped up in a house, so I started taking her on...
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    Problem With Acana Dry Food

    I waited about 2 weeks because right after I transitioned them, they started to have loose stools. Normally I would wait a bit longer than 2 weeks but the poor kittens looked like it was very painful to poop(yes, I know that was kind of gross to say)
  3. catlover1028

    Problem With Acana Dry Food

    Hi! I have heard that Acana and Orijen have switched and now make their food in Kentucky instead of Canada( I think some formulas are still being made in Canada but most are made in Kentucky. It varies by recipe). Lots of people who feed Acana are saying their pets have loose stools now but they...
  4. catlover1028

    Please Help, Kitten Won't Eat.

    I remember one of my cats stopped eating. I rescued her and her sister at 2 months, but at 10 months she stopped eating. But her sister and my 7 year old cat were still eating. I tried to feed her all these foods like chicken and salmon, but no reaction. One day I was washing her bowl and I put...
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    Bacteria from Raw

    Ok thanks! I guess I do have to remember that they lick their rears and then they lick me.
  6. catlover1028

    Bacteria from Raw

    Hi everyone! I have always wanted to start a raw diet but I just needed to ask something. First of all, I have a compromised immune system. I know to handle the meats just as I would  for myself ( even though I'm a vegetarian, I think raw is the best way to go ) and I know this might sound a...
  7. catlover1028

    kitten food for adult cat

    Feeding kitten food isn't harmful, but it usually higher fat. May I ask what brand of cat food? There are some brands that are for adults that are high in meat and protein like Nulo, Solid Gold High Protein recipe, Merrick, and Acana. I don't recommend Blue because they have frequent recalls and...
  8. catlover1028

    Help! One chunky cat and one skinny one...

    Also try a treat dispenser. It makes the cat work for food and it can be hilarious watching the expression on their faces! Kitty's like " Um, the food is supposed to go in the bowl you know!" For this particular dispenser I think the green is the most transparent. Here is a link to get it from...
  9. catlover1028

    Help! One chunky cat and one skinny one...

    Don't worry, I go through something similar. I have a very chubby 8 year old female named Kitty. I found Kitty with her sister across the street. Nobody claimed them so I took them in. I haven't had cats in a while so 9 month old kittens were a surprise. I would feed them but they would either...
  10. catlover1028

    Can anyone recommend a good unscented, clumping litter?

    I use Pretty Litter. It is really helpful because it can detect if your cat has an infection like a UTI. The only thing is it can get really dusty because you only scoop the droppings, not the urine. You have to check out the website to see how it works because I am really bad at explaining...
  11. catlover1028

    Help me pick an adult dry food addition to my wet food? Tips on rotating kibble with one cat?

    Hi! I feed my cats Nulo Freestyle. It is grain free, no tapioca, no white potatoes, (they do have sweet potatoes) and the first 4 ingredients of the dry recipes are meat based. Nulo also is low carbs, has probiotics, and comes in Duck, Chicken, or Salmon. My 3 cats are on the Salmon Adult Trim...
  12. catlover1028

    Meat Protein Isolate?

    Ok thanks! I have 3 cats and 4 dogs(1 is a Great Dane so he basically eats more than I do!) so I can't always afford the healthiest food. I feed PetGuard and rotate Sheba. PetGuard is the healthy food and Sheba is the ok food. It contains Meat By-Products and I kept on hearing that unidentified...
  13. catlover1028

    Meat Protein Isolate?

    I have never heard of that. I guess you learn something everyday! :)
  14. catlover1028

    Meat Protein Isolate?

    Do USDA guidelines apply for every cat food?
  15. catlover1028

    Meat Protein Isolate?

    Hello! Well, first of all does it just say "Meat Protein Isolate" or does it name what meat source it comes from? If it doesn't name what the specific meat name is, I would move on from that food because it could literally mean any kind of meat. From zoo animals to road kill so just stick to...
  16. catlover1028

    Moving from kitten food to cat food

    Hi! I have also fed my cats Iams cat food in the past but now they eat Nulo Freestyle. I highly recommend Nulo but we're talking about Iams. Do you have multiple cats? I think your cat would do well on the multi cat formula because it targets many different concerns. You can also go to
  17. catlover1028

    Is Fancy Feast a Good Cat Food?

    Thank you everyone! You are all so helpful and this is why I joined TCS. I will look into Fancy Feast. I'll also check out Nature's Variety canned dog food. Thanks again!
  18. catlover1028

    Is Fancy Feast a Good Cat Food?

    Hi everyone! I was looking through some of the posts and it seems like a lot of people feed their cats Fancy Feast. I have 3 cats along with 4 dogs so I am always open to cheap but healthy cat food. I was just wondering so if you have any advice I would really appreciate it.
  19. catlover1028

    Problems with Friskies?

    I have also tried the raw diet. Let's just say it was a disaster! The cats were running away with little chunks of meat and dragging the pieces across the floor. I am glad you are feeding them canned food instead of dry. I feed my cats PetGuard Weight Management but it can get pretty expensive...