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  1. smokiesmama

    Comment by 'smokiesmama' in article 'Odd-eyed Cats'

    We had one years ago. He just arrived one winter, looked us over, and must have liked what he saw, because he just walked in, jumped onto the back of my desk chair, and settled in! He stayed for years, and one winter day he just left. He was quite old and we thought he just went off to die. We...
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    Smokie & Smokiesmama.jpg

  4. smokiesmama

    Comment by 'smokiesmama' in article 'Cat Aggression Toward People'

    Smokie fits the aggressive pattern - but only towards me.  She follows me around - no matter what room I'm in - she's there.  She likes to cuddle at night in the bed and likes a little petting, but even some times later after I've stopped petting - for no reason - she attacks.  Last week as I...
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