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  1. KimothyAnn

    Coconut Cat Litter

    I have 5 cats sharing one litter box, and another in quarantine for a couple of months (brother who went 'rogue' for 7 months; undergoing immunizations, neutering, parasite removal-he returned May 19). From May 9 until May 30, the cats shared one litter box with this new Catspot product...
  2. KimothyAnn

    Comment by 'KimothyAnn' in article 'Do Cats Like To Be Petted?'

    Regarding the belly rubbing: It is unfortunate that the author discourages belly-rubbing your cat. All 5 of my feral-born elderly kittens LOVE having their belly's rubbed. The oldest one insists on some rough rubbing, in which he grabs my hand with all 4 paws and gently bites. Never breaking the...
  3. KimothyAnn

    Accidental Kitten Death - My Fault

    First, you need to forgive yourself. You did not do this on purpose, and you did make strides to provide a loving and safe home environment for your little furbaby. I didn't even have a cat until I was 59 years old; avoided having pets for nearly 40 years because I did not want to deal with the...
  4. KimothyAnn

    Trying To Estimate Approx Birth Dates, Kittens From 2 Litters

    Litter #1: Feral MommaCat dropped off three boys with us May 21, 2017. I have attached picture of them next to my shed. If you look close, there is a grey one, but I never saw that kitten again. :( Litter #2: Then, we took in 4 kittens from her next 'batch', on November 18, 2017. I took their...