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    Two Sick Kittens

    Do your cats seem worse than last night, or about the same?
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    Two Sick Kittens

    I'm not an expert, and have never had very young kittens, but from what I hear, kittens could have a number of things. Were they treated for anything before you got them?  Worms, etc? My cat, though much older at the time, perhaps two or three years old, had a seizure after I gave her a bath...
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    Getting other's cats their meds

    I sit for my neighbor's cats (she has three) a couple times a year, for a week each time.  One of her cats was very scared at first.  She would hide behind a bunch of stuff in the back of a closet.  It took me forever to find her, and then I'd talk and talk, and sit outside the closet, coaxing...
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    Sushi just stopped eating

    Gosh, my cat is so finicky ( and every day she ages I swear it gets worse! she's thirteen now) she stops eating just to make me feel guilty because I won't let her outside, or because I didn't feed her her favorite food. You're cat really isn't eating ANYTHING? Is he drinking? I guess the vet...
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    Randy has strange bumps

    My other cat is very picky, nothing is good enough to suit her, and it gets worse the older she gets.  I rotate between Friskies, Fancy Feast, 9 Lives, and Meow Mix. If I stay with one or two too long, she gets tired of it and cranky. About, maybe a month ago, I bought Friskies Gravy sensations...
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    Randy has strange bumps

    Please help! I am very worried.
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    Randy has strange bumps

    Hi every one! About a week ago, I was petting my cat (who LOVES to have her chin and throat scratched), and noticed these bumps on her.  They were under her chin, on her throat.  It felt like three.  They were small, and I had trouble seeing them, but they looked like on the top of them they...
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    Cat pees when she's mad at me

    I've hung the bath mat on the side of the tub, and she's learned to pull it down so she can go on it.  For a mat, I just use an old towel, so I throw it in the laundry and run it through a couple times.  I use a few different towels, so she's done it with no old pee smells several times. Maybe...
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    Cat pees when she's mad at me

    I used to be with my cat nearly 24/7, but about three and a half years ago I got a new job that has me away from home for 8 to 12 hours a day, five to six days a week.  This is when the trouble started. At first, I had trouble keeping up with cleaning the litter box.  Before I got my job, I...
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    Cat Urinating on Daughter's Bed

    Does she sleep in your daugher's bed?  Maybe she's too comfortible to want to move, and it's more conveniant to go where she is.  Have you tried keeping the litter box in her room?
  11. Strange bump on my cat's ear

    Strange bump on my cat's ear

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    Strange bump on my cat's ear

    It's been a few days (my work schedule right now is rough and my cat is wiggley!) but I finally got some pictures. Here is the white bump as it was when I first started this thread: Sorry that they're kind of fuzzy.  I had trouble in that no flash made the pictures dark, and flash made...
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    Strange bump on my cat's ear

    I've been trying to catch her while she's asleep to get a picture, but it's like she knows and won't settle down!  I'll keep trying though.  Thanks for responding.
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    Strange bump on my cat's ear

    I was holding my cat, Randy, and noticed on the back of her ear there was a small bump.  It felt soft, maybe just a pimple or some irritation (do cat's get pimples, and if so, on their ears?).  It doesn't bother her when I touch it, and she doesn't scratch it.  It's where her fur starts to thin...