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  1. Xraystyle

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    My grandparents are fully vaccinated, both of them are pushing 90 but in relatively good health and they didn't have issues. My parents are just under 65, so they're on a waiting list right now and I guess there's an on-call option too. Since they need to use the vaccine before it goes off, if...
  2. Xraystyle

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    I think I'm dealing with a case of metatarsalgia, which is pretty annoying. My foot started hurting as I walked home last friday. Thought maybe I just stepped wrong and just needed to...walk it off. Finally went and got an xray yesterday (it's so cheap here to get a quick xray and consult, only...
  3. Xraystyle

    Question of the Day, Sunday the 21st of February

    Black t-shirts, solid indigo blue jeans, sometimes a mustard colored shirt, army green jackets. I'd call it cool neutral colors. My style is basically jeans and band t-shirts. It's "aging punk." The only difference to when I was a young punk is that more of my clothes are "brands" now because I...
  4. Xraystyle

    Question of The Day. Saturday 20th of February

    Bad: When the yellow dust/air pollution gets to unhealthy levels. Good: When the plum blossoms and then the cherry blossoms start to bloom
  5. Xraystyle

    Question of the day Wednesday February 17

    yes, I finally bought a rug. I found one that is supposedly stain/water resistant because of Puar's tears and snot. I was afraid to get a regular rug because he'd probably ruin it right away. But having a rug is so much better for him so he's not sliding around on the laminate floor. He...
  6. Xraystyle

    How often do you clean out your fridge?

    .... I had to enlist a friend maybe 2 months ago now to throw away food trash (has to go in a special machine in my building that I'd been too scared to use on my own since it's in a very public place). I haven't been cooking much in the past year, so I think all of the condiments have expired...
  7. Xraystyle

    Question of The Day. Saturday 13th of February.

    I used to love movies. These days I can't stomach a lot of them. I really dislike the whole superhero genre. It doesn't interest me at all. A lot of modern action movies are too violent and have too many jump cuts. I used to be really obsessed with Jackie Chan and Jean-Claude Van Damme films...
  8. Xraystyle

    Sunday Question of the Day, 14th of February.2021

    I dislike jewelry unless it is something very, very specific so I would abhor anyone getting me jewelry as a present unless it was specifically the exact thing I asked for (sorry mom!) I actually got myself flowers yesterday. There's a shop where you can pick individual flowers and leaves and...
  9. Xraystyle

    Question of the Day, Friday, February 5

    I could go on for days. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur. Thin, cracker crust with a sweet and spicy fresh tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella on top with fresh basil is the basic epitome of pizza. When trying a new restaurant I almost always order just cheese because if you can't get...
  10. Xraystyle

    Question of The Day. Saturday 6th of February.

    Puar is mostly bud, buds, buddy, poobs, dude, little bro, guy, donk, and dingus these days. His names change with the seasons/moods.
  11. Xraystyle

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, February 2

    I've never been fishing or hunting. I've never fired a gun. I've never been drunk or high (even though I have been around many people who were.) I've never been in mutual love, so never been married or lived with an SO, never really had an SO, never had kids (don't want them, in my early 30s so...
  12. Xraystyle

    Question of the day, Sunday, 31st January, 2021

    I grew up ice skating, all of the local parks would set up rinks with warmhouses. I was never very good though and still can't stop properly haha, I even took ice skating as one of my "gym" requirements in college. In grad school, I took up roller derby and enjoyed it a lot. If I had stayed in...
  13. Xraystyle

    Question of the Day, Friday, January 29

    I have to leave the blinds open or Puar will play with them, so I sleep with the ambient lighting from outside (street lights/security lighting on the building next door). When it gets a bit warmer, I like having my window open just a touch so I can hear outside sounds like the highway. Kinda...
  14. Xraystyle

    Strange Food Insecurities?

    Like others have said, I assumed my cat would love fancy feast but it turned out he only mildly tolerated the chicken pate, lol. Because I'm adamant about giving wet food in some capacity, I started giving him snack tubes instead. < like these, I live in Korea so these are a local brand. I mix...
  15. Xraystyle

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, January 26

    Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen Bikeriders by Lucero (about the real life Outlaw motorcycle gang, based on the photography by Danny Lyons) Basically any of Craig Finn/the Hold Steady's songs. Maybe "God in Chicago" or "Blankets" would be best. Also anything by the Mountain Goats. "Damn these...
  16. Xraystyle

    Question of the Day - Monday, January 25, 2021

    In terms of "fine art," I'd say Alphonse Mucha and Art Nouveau is a style I like. I took a class on the connections between art and science and we had to do a paper on 3 disciplines crossing paths, so I did Art Nouveau, Biology (especially the illustrations by Ernst Haeckel), and Advertising...
  17. Xraystyle

    Sunday, 24 January 2021 Question of the Day

    blue jeans, black t-shirt, black hoodie, black mask! and a lot of cat fur apparently...I need to remember to check before I leave (i basically get ready in the dark haha)
  18. Xraystyle

    Question of the day - Thursday 21 January

    9 or 10, provided the peel isn't split. I find that a lot of the single sold 'naners in the convenience stores here all have their peels split and that's just...too much. I'm always like "TODAY I WILL EAT A BANANA!" and then I go to the store and they're all either at like #2 or are split open...
  19. Xraystyle

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    Do you think cats remember dramatic life events? This week marks exactly a year since I adopted Puar from his previous owner. Puar's been kind of depressed this week (still playing, pottying, etc. but kind of picking at his food or eating it later than usual, and hanging out in bed next to me...
  20. Xraystyle

    What fur color have you NOT had in your family that you want to have?

    All gray! I would really love to have a Russian blue or a similar looking domestic shorthair someday. I love the way they look!