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  1. Ashley23

    Is My Cats Spay Incision Site Infected?

    To me it looks normal , doesn’t look like is swollen or any discolouration , that’s just my advice though
  2. Ashley23

    Squinty Eyes???

    Definitely try another vet that will actually do a proper eye exam, and if that doesn’t work see if they can refer you to an opthamologist , eye problems are very concerning and should be looked at ASAP
  3. Ashley23

    Eye Problem.. Help

    We’ve been on the reactive allergy pill ( safe for cats ) since November recommended by the vet
  4. Ashley23

    Eye Problem.. Help

    Well , the vet wants me to go to the eye doctor with my girl . They are closed today so I have to call Monday to make an appointment ☹️ Hate this waiting game just want her better. Her eye doesn’t have any discharge just swelling and she doesn’t open it up as full as her other one and squints ..
  5. Ashley23

    Eye Problem.. Help

    I have no idea , they’ve done the dye test three times and no damage to the cornea or anything. At this point it’s got to be internal or allergies.. keeping a close eye ( haha) on her , allergy pills and eye ointment ..
  6. Ashley23

    Can't Meow. No Answers From Vets!

    Hi there , I have a 6 month , just about 7 month old kitten. He often tries to meow but nothing comes out , just his little mouth opens so he’s trying to push it out or trying to get attention ( he’s a big baby). But most of the time he is able to meow quite loudly, so I think he controls it.. I...
  7. Ashley23

    Please Help My Cat!

    Definitely doesn’t help her at all, just listen to what your vet advises you to do and I’m hoping for the best for your little one
  8. Ashley23

    Eye Problem.. Help

    Went today and her eye was fine, told me to just continue the eye ointment and to text her if something happens
  9. Ashley23

    Eye Problem.. Help

    Yeah, we’ve already been on allergy pills too for quite a while... so overwhelmed about what this could be , kind of sad and confused as to why we are doing the dye test for the third time to just hear to do the steroid drops again and knowing it won’t work She’s my world ( along with my other...
  10. Ashley23

    Eye Problem.. Help

  11. Ashley23

    Eye Problem.. Help

    Hi guys, as some of you may have read in previous posts I've made, my cat Hannahs eye problem is back. First plan of action, her eye was squinting with discharge.. went to vet did dye test to see if scratched, nope it wasn't, so Erythromycin was prescribed, it cured it , a week later it came...
  12. Ashley23

    Nonstop Meowing! Ear Infection And Third Eyelid Problems

    Maybe you can call your vet since it hasn’t gotten better in 5 days
  13. Ashley23

    Cat Chronic Eye Infection

    Yes for me the scratch was ruled out .
  14. Ashley23

    Cat Chronic Eye Infection

    My cat had something similar in one eye , third eyelid and discharge.. her third eyelid wasn’t red though. We were to put erythromycin for a few days, it cleared up but then came back and had to do the ointment again, cleared up.. came back. Brought back to the vet, she then gave us last...
  15. Ashley23

    Painful Swollen Rear Paw

    She could have jumped off the bed and twisted it , or jumped up and strained it .. my cat was limping the other week too for a few days , called my vet and told me to put a warm compress wrapped on the paw for a few mins a couple times a day, which seemed to work and my cat is now fine. You can...
  16. Ashley23

    Eye Problem Is Still Here

    Hi guys. Took my girl to the vet a week ago and was prescribed erythromycin for 4 days and when the 4 days were done to do allergy pill for a week. Well Tuesday , ( oct 24 ) her eye began to be leaky and half closed and puffy again. So we started erythromycin again for 4 days.. the last day is...
  17. Ashley23

    My Kitty Has Bugs All On Her Head

    Definitely take your cat to the vet to get proper treatment
  18. Ashley23

    My Cat's Eye

    Take to the vet as soon as you can. You don’t wanna mess with eye problems as left untreated it can cause 100 more problems. Looks like an infection for sure from the discharge and the third eyelid is showing as well. Vet trip is needed !
  19. Ashley23

    Please Help!! Does This Look Normal?

    I would take her to the vet , that kind of swelling isn’t normal after a spay.
  20. Ashley23

    Eye Problem

    Update , took Hannah to the vet. And she told me to use erythromycin for 4 days every 6 hours. No scratch but something bacterial she guesses . Hard part is Hannah is completely resisting for me to put the ointment in her eye , fighting me clawing me running away etc. Impossible to do myself...