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    Cat enzymes?

    Has anyone ever tried any? I'm looking for suggestions. Ruby still has poo issues and I'm afraid to giver her a more serious fiber (like psillium (sp) husks) because she doesn't drink a lot. Don't want her to get totally plugged up. Anyhow, I'm going to google but I always appreciate hearing...
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    Happy Birthday Thread 26/3/2011

    <3 thanks guys!!
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    Ruby trying to catch snow

    She's SO cute Click to watch, it'll open in a new window I think
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    Who has an iPhone?

    I used the online plan thingies to add up the monthly charges, and AT&T is a little bit less expensive once I've added on everything I'd need. But it's close enough price wise that a droid or something from verizon wouldn't be out of question (Best Buy has financing going on now so I could go...
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    Who has an iPhone?

    I think I need to get a smartphone so I can tether it to my computer and make sure I can get my online homework done. I just want to hear from real people about how you like your iPhone (or don't). I've compared prices and it's more affordable than a droid through verizon
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    Netflix vs others

    I watch free stuff on Hulu (TV shows, some movies, etc) But I love Netflix. I don't have it anymore but the streaming was awesome. They had a better selection, and no commercials! I don't know about the paid Hulu but I think if I was paying for one or the other I'd go for Netflix, I think they...
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    Skullcandy Earbuds and the Earbud Thread

    I may have to try that method! I use the Skullcandy ones like in the picture, except mine are blue I use the smallest tip that came with them and they are really nice. I haven't tried jogging with them but for regular stuff they stay in just fine. I just have to keep myself from picking the...
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    GAME: Words ending in 'ed'

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    How cold is it where you are?

    It got down to about 20F/-7C overnight. The sun is out now but still frost and ice everywhere and cold wind! I think I need to move to New Zealand, I'm liking the sound of the weather there
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    Frustrating vet visit

    I haven't called them. I think if I'm still here when the time for her recheck comes around I'll go back, mention that I was unhappy with a few things, and go from there. I did ask about prices first, that's why I was so suprised when it was way more than I expected. The vet should have told me...
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    Frustrating vet visit

    I did ask what the charges were before I paid and she said what each item was, but not how much. It was odd. I'm trying to decide if I should call them and tell them how displeased I am with the fact that they sent her home matted (when I adopted her she was matted and I had to have her put...
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    Frustrating vet visit

    I took Ruby to a new vet for the first time since we moved. I loved my old vet, he could answer questions, would listen to me, and he was cute. So I needed a refill of her medicine because she gets constipated. This new vet looked like he was younger than me (though given the 8 years of...
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    What's the last thing you had to eat??

    kalua pork & short grain rice, so good!!
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    I probably need a slap for allowing this to happen, but ...

    I used to work for a vet before I moved and I did all of their grooms. Between that and having had to take my pets to the vet a LOT I do believe that anesthesia is a a good option, for my cats at least. They get knocked out and don't experience all the stress of being held down, noisy clippers...
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    What is your favorite...

    I love Elvis' christmas music
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    Santa is Coming??

    I was in Walmart on Halloween and they were playing Christmas music
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    Oh My God, My Sister

    Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry
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    Do you have a favorite (cat)?

    Your cats are gorgeous!! This is Ruby- took the pic with my phone so it's not great but
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    Do you have a favorite (cat)?

    I'm not sure but I think this is the best place to post this. Do you have a favorite cat out of the ones you own? It'll be easy for those of you with just one but I have seven and I'm ashamed to admit it but I have a favorite. It's little Ruby, who is the newest addition. I've had her for about...
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    Have you ever tried these items in chili?

    I've never tried chili with those ingredients, I tend to stick more towards the traditional side, but I do add potatoes sometimes