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  1. alainasmom

    Very sick 4 wk. old kitten - advice/vibes would be appreciated

    I don't have any experience with panleukopenia or dealing with young kittens, but in her thread 4 Newborn Bottle Babies  the user @SuperPooper  mentioned in the last sentence of the 1st post that she got an 8 day old panleuk kitten to survive. Maybe PMing her about this or possibly asking her to...
  2. alainasmom

    What's for dinner?

    Probably just some fried rice and potato salad tonight.
  3. alainasmom

    Saturday's Question of the Day - March 15

     Same here. As long as the eggs are in an omelet, I'll eat them. 
  4. alainasmom

    Thought for today....

    Definitely spring here, with the lilies blooming and temperatures up to 80 F.    What a cute kitty.
  5. alainasmom

    Ice Cream

    I have an IC parlor next door that I visit from time to time.    I like both soft-serve and hard, but I normally get the hard scoops in a waffle cone dipped in chocolate. But homemade waffle cones are always better IMO. I normally stick to chocolate, vanilla, or rocky road, but I'll try...
  6. alainasmom

    Question of the Day, Friday, March 14

    This is late, but I'm wearing a blue T-shirt and straight leg jeans. Comfort clothes. 
  7. alainasmom

    Meow Trivia 2014

    Kitty right, doggy wrong for Sunday.
  8. alainasmom

    What's the last thing you ate?

    An orange. 
  9. alainasmom

    A lot of cats from Neko-mura! (picture-heavy)

     to TCS! What a healthy and happy looking kitty crew. That first picture of the grey feral cat - "Stop taking pictures of me, Mom."   I also counted six pairs of ears in the catio pic - does the sixth pair belong to Katsu? Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your fur-family. 
  10. alainasmom

    What's the last thing you ate?

     I'm sure they would be even more popular in the Recipe Exchange forum! In contrast to my healthy smoothie I had this morning, I just ate another piece of brownie.
  11. alainasmom

    Hello there :)

     to TCS! Your cats are gorgeous and look very relaxed. It's lovely to meet you - I look forward to seeing and hearing more about your fur-mily. 
  12. alainasmom

    What's one positive thing you can say about the last 24 hours of your life? 2014

    Nice car, Andrya! It looks very stunning in that snowy pic. I'm feeling a little better today and can actually taste food now..
  13. alainasmom

    What is the stinkiest wet food you know of?

    We have some exotic forms of protein here! Kangaroo?! and beaver? WOW.
  14. alainasmom

    Name three things - 2014

    Thanks!  Now everyone knows who dominates my house..  Hope everyone feeling under the weather gets well soon.    Today: More laundry. Checked on my lilies - still haven't bloomed yet, but the buds seem just about ready to burst. Scoop and wash out the litter box.
  15. alainasmom

    What are you craving??

    I'm craving some shrimp tempura. 
  16. alainasmom

    March Contest: Draw Me a Picture!

    This one is amazing! Love how you captured the texture and the shadows in her fur. 
  17. alainasmom

    What's for dinner?

    That sounds just awful. I would have lost my chicken pie appetite immediately! And Mrs. B, I'm sorry about the cream - at least no one's sick from it.  Tonight - mac and cheese.
  18. alainasmom

    What's the last thing you ate?

    A green smoothie, and it was delicious (my smoothie machine was still working, miraculously)! Thank you @Lamiatron    
  19. alainasmom

    March Contest: Draw Me a Picture!

    This one is great! Love that quirky confused Mouse expression. 
  20. alainasmom

    What's for dinner?

    Thank you for the recipes! Tonight - pizza and caramelized onion soup.