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  1. auntie crazy

    How much does raw food cost?

    Hi, Beesto! At the time of that post, my cats were still somewhat new to raw feeding so they were still getting ground chicken wings - and Whole Foods would grind them for me. That was worth the extra cost of the product. Shortly after that, however, I switched to completely prey model raw...
  2. auntie crazy

    Bottomless Pit

    First, I'm too ignorant or mindless to know the "real" reason variety is important in PMR feeding (but not in any other feline diet... oh, wait, it's important in ALL feline diets), and now I'm as despicable as a politician (nice stereotype)? *sigh* I'm not interested in arguing or throwing...
  3. auntie crazy

    What Type of Water Do You Give Your Cat?

    Filtered tap water. And this is a good question! Dr. Hofve has this to say about water: Water Water Everywhere, but What’s a Cat to Drink? AC
  4. auntie crazy

    Bottomless Pit

    There are an infinite number of ways to feed a properly balanced raw diet, including PMR. I advocate for them all, not just PMR. And I love and adore Laurie. We are friends on TCS and off. If you sense anything, it's frustration. PMR is one of (if not the) oldest way to raw feed a cat. It's...
  5. auntie crazy

    Bottomless Pit

    That's a nice theory, mschauer, but it's completely incorrect. The PMR recommendations for variety are based on common sense backed up by science. Even cats instinctively know they need more than a single prey source. And PMR doesn't recommend "randomly varying" anything, it recommends the...
  6. auntie crazy

    Cat now bored with raw, need advice

    It's not necessarily that she no longer "likes" a certain food as much as she's probably just tired of eating it meal after meal. Instead of feeding her an entire batch of one meat until it's gone, why not mix up three or four different batches and feed her something different for breakfast...
  7. auntie crazy

    Emergence of Food Allergy ... Huh???

    Very few statements are without exception. If you think your ceramic plates are better than run-of-the-mill ceramic products, use 'em. If you're not sure, research the product until you've satisfied yourself they could indeed harbor bacteria, or not. And then use 'em, or toss 'em.  ;-} AC
  8. auntie crazy

    Help! Strange behaviour a few hours after vet visit!

    My thoughts are pretty simple; the proof that annual vaccinations are both unnecessary and very harmful is incontrovertible, therefore, my cats will not be given them, for any reason. If I were trying to adopt another cat and a shelter denied me because of an outdated and dangerous medical...
  9. auntie crazy

    Emergence of Food Allergy ... Huh???

    Metal plates wouldn't cause an allergic reaction, true, but some cats don't like to eat off them, so I just don't ever mention 'em. As for "china," I'm pretty sure that's a type of ceramic? AC
  10. auntie crazy

    Help! Strange behaviour a few hours after vet visit!

    I'm glad your baby is beginning to feel better! Annual vaccinations are one of those "accepted" practices that have come under closer scrutiny in recent years. In fact, it's falling out of favor with many due to the numerous complications that have been linked to it, not to mention the basic...
  11. auntie crazy

    Emergence of Food Allergy ... Huh???

    A few things to "digest." One, as Minka says, allergies to animal proteins are very rare in carnivores. What's more likely is a reaction to something the meat animal was fed; grains and corn are frequent culprits, especially with cats newly converted to raw. Second, have to checked to ensure...
  12. auntie crazy

    Want to add some different proteins

    This is good to keep in mind every time you pick up a package of meat intended for your cats - even if it's the same thing you always buy. Check those sodium contents and skip on anything with more than 100 mgs of sodium per serving.  AC
  13. auntie crazy

    Any options for a cat that doesn't tolerate cold food?

    Put the food in a container or a baggie before putting it in warm water or you will dilute the nutrients in the food. Never microwave the food, not even for a few seconds, as the very nature of that heating process destroys nutrients. AC
  14. auntie crazy

    Bottomless Pit

    The taurine levels in a whole ground rabbit carcass - the only rabbit taurine data I have - are about twice the levels of whole chicken breast meat and about a third the levels of an entire non-ground chicken carcass (Taurine Concentrations in Animal Feed Ingredients; Cooking Influences Taurine...
  15. auntie crazy

    At a loss and need some advice

    I'm so glad Emmy is feeling better!   You wondered if this episode could be related to a digestive system not yet accustomed to dealing with bacteria succumbing to a pathogen in the food. Please be reassured this is highly unlikely. First, if Emmy has been eating raw since the beginning of...
  16. auntie crazy

    Bottomless Pit

    At ten months old, your baby is still a kitten and 5 ounces a day isn't enough food for a kitten, especially one that big. Kittens can be fed at double the rate of adults cats and should ideally be offered as much as they can eat, broken down into at least three but preferably four meals a day...
  17. auntie crazy

    feeding cats live prey

    Although raw is the most easily digestible food you can feed, it still takes some time to get through the digestive system. A soft poop immediately after eating isn't related to what was just eaten (other than the cat had both a full tummy and a full... uh, colon); it's related to something the...
  18. auntie crazy

    Prey-Model Newbie! Advice?

    My bad! Wrong calculator.   Use this one: Prey Model Feeding Calculator, Excel 2010 and Excel 97-2003 AC
  19. auntie crazy

    Submitted for your approval: frankenprey menu for kittens

    LDG is correct, I recommend feeding cats just the tip and center portion of chicken wings, and I always cut the wings into fourths: the wing tip, the center portion of the wing cut between and parallel with the two bones, and the third, largest portion. I de-bone that third portion - called a...
  20. auntie crazy

    How to tell if meat has been "enhanced?"

    Actually, no, companies don't have to state the meat has been injected with extra water or a salt/spice mix. At least, not yet. Last July, the USDA finally decided the public has a right to this information, however, the legislation is unlikely to be effective until 2014 or later. And you're...