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  1. posiepurrs

    Good thoughts needed

    Update on Jack. My vet saw him and after blood tests and a physical exam assured me that it wasn’t a brain tumor and all his blood values were fine. He diagnosed the seizures as idiopathic, in other words, they don’t have a clue as to why it happened. Jack is now on anti seizure medicine.
  2. posiepurrs

    Good thoughts needed

    I had to call the vet on call this morning at 6 AM. Jack had a seizure. It happened once before about 2 weeks ago, but the vet told me that one didn’t sound like a true seizure when I told her about it. The second one left no doubt what it was. I was told to bring him in if he has another in the...
  3. posiepurrs

    What's the Weather and Temperature like where you live ? - 2023

    I am happy this isn’t going to last long! This is our forecast:
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    Off to the ER this morning

    Here is the latest. Pneumonia is still present, but better. They did another CT scan and discovered his sarcoidosis has become active again ( that caused the rise in calcium levels so he had hallucinations). He is back on prednisone to slow it down.Because of taking the prednisone, he is now...
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    Off to the ER this morning

    He is still in the hospital and now has developed swelling in his right leg again. He is actually having an ultrasound as I type to see if there is a clot. I can tell them with almost 100% certainty that there is. This has happened before and he has an IVC filter in that leg. I texted his...
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    Question of the Day: Sunday, January 29

    My favorite time is morning when I am sitting, with several of the cats and Riley the dog all wanting on my lap while I drink my coffee. On the other hand my least favorite is the time from dinner until bedtime, I find that the most lonesome time of day, especially now that hubby is back in the...
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    Fur matting / questions about kitten vs adult coat

    If you use a seam ripper, point it away from the skin. If you use scissors, put a comb between the mat and the skin( slide it under the mat). A friend who works as a vet tech has told me many horror stories about pets coming in needing multiple stitches because these precautions were not...
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    Off to the ER this morning

    cloudy on X-ray. His white count doesn’t indicate infection. No his hallucinations are unpleasant. Being held hostage, the nurses trying to poison him, things like that.
  9. posiepurrs

    Off to the ER this morning

    The stupid thing is he isn’t coughing, has no fever and doesn’t really feel bad. The only thing is he is confused and hallucinating.
  10. posiepurrs

    Off to the ER this morning

    It isn’t a uti. He has pneumonia. Of course they admitted him.
  11. posiepurrs

    Off to the ER this morning

    Hubbys doctors want him to go to the ER to be evaluated this morning. He had an UTI back in December which caused him to hallucinate and be confused. He is acting the same now. Never a dull moment!
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    Growing up we were a family of 4 with 1 bathroom. When we were shopping for a house 30 years ago with 3 young kids I wanted at least 2 bathrooms. It took some talking because my husband fell in love with a house that only had 1 bathroom. I loved it too- the wood work was phenomenal! I knew...
  13. posiepurrs

    Gotcha day

    Today, 5 years ago I drove to New Jersey and picked Sterling up from his breeder. He was going to be my new stud and hopefully give me beautiful kittens. Life kind of got in the way of that plan so now he is my sweet pet. Here is a photo of him in the first few days. Pardon the dirty face. He...
  14. posiepurrs

    Private practice vs. corporations - and the changes

    I have a friend who works at a practice taken over by a corporation. She told me that they are given quotas to meet with tests etc. She hates it but is trying to stick it out until retirement. I know my prior vet was taken over by a big bad corporation and prices doubled, and quality of care...
  15. posiepurrs

    New registery for cats

    CFA doesn’t. I am sure they would rather you just show with them, but I know quite a few people that show in multiple associations ( I have done it myself).
  16. posiepurrs

    New registery for cats

    There is a new association in which to register and show, Loving Cats World Wide. At least it is new here in the states. It sounds like a really nice organization. I hope they have a show local to me so I can check it out as a spectator. When talking to hubby about it, he told me to get another...
  17. posiepurrs

    A naked Sterling

    I wanted to share a sort of cute photo of Sterling. Poor baby just got shaved down for the first time ever. It isn’t a good hair cut, but it got the job done. I will also include a photo in full coat.
  18. posiepurrs

    I must be a ding a ling

    I went through the entire day yesterday thinking it was Sunday ( it was Saturday). Even put out the trash bins for early pick up on Monday! I didn’t realize the mistake until this morning when I took the dogs outside. I noticed my neighbors hadn’t left for work, so I checked my phone. I guess...
  19. posiepurrs

    Doll Face Persian or British Long-Hair?

    Pet quality or non show quality. I guess I am coming off badly, but I don’t believe in breeding just for the sake of breeding pets. I guess to each their own. I checked out the page on the breeders website about ‘doll face. Some of the statements are incorrect. I am not going to hijack this...
  20. posiepurrs

    Doll Face Persian or British Long-Hair?

    Quite possibly, Meowmee but I would be willing to bet that breeder is not breeding to show standard. I tend to believe if you are not breeding to achieve something ( like to have a cat to show or improve the breed) and only producing pet quality you are contributing to the overpopulation...