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  1. cejhome

    Addicted to crunch

    We had a cat that wouldn't eat wet at all. I added water to the dish (not on top of the food). She would drink up all the the water, then eat her crunchies. It was almost like she knew if she didn't drink the water, then her precious crunchies would get soggy. I gave her multiple small meals...
  2. cejhome

    Lip entrapment

    Our previous kitty, Nilla had to have a fang extracted - on of the top ones. She cracked it when trying to rush out the door on her leash and harness for a walk with me - she was moving fast and then turned to look at me and whack! Hit the edge of the door hard. It took a few months for us to...
  3. cejhome

    Cat lost a pound

    If you do not have a baby scale, get one and weigh him yourself. Even vets can mess up. We adopted Buddy July 15th last year. We took him to the vet right away for an initial visit (good thing we did - he had an ear and yeast infection in both ears). I took him the vet about a month or two...
  4. cejhome

    Cat Resistant Carpet??

    Overstock has a large selection of low pile area rugs, some quite big. We had a basement in our old house and I bought the cheapest low pile rugs I could get for that purpose. Look during the holidays - they have very good sales them. I don't think they will have any good sales again until...
  5. cejhome

    Who feeds strictly wet

    We had a kitty like that - Nilla, our kitty before Buddy. I tried everything under the sun to get her to eat wet/canned/pouch food. For her it was dry or nothing. I did manage to be able to add water to her dry food - she'd drink up the water and then eat the crunchies before they got soggy...
  6. cejhome

    Who feeds strictly wet

    We feed all wet to our cat, Buddy. We are blessed to have the situation that we are able to do so. I have a friend in the neighborhood that has a key to my house and if there is ever an emergency, she can come in (or her husband) to feed Buddy, play, clean box, etc. I do the same for her...
  7. cejhome

    How to stop clay litter from sticking to the litter box?

    I use Dr. Elsey's Respiratory Relief clay litter. I tried WBCL years ago and ended up with little bugs from it (moths). Took forever to get rid of them all. I clean the box several times a day - our cat Buddy, prefers his super large box over the two smaller ones (that are still big). For a...
  8. cejhome

    Any additional pilling suggestions?

    We used to have to gabapentin our previous cat Nilla to take her to the vet. She didn't try to kill anyone, but she would not cooperate. She was also impossible to pill - wiggly (and I have arthritis in my fingers). What worked for me was to take a pill pocket, take about 1/3 - 1/2 and mash...
  9. cejhome

    Owners of cats with food allergies, how long after switching to an appropriate diet did it take to see improvements in skin conditions?

    We adopted our cat Buddy in July of this year (2022). Started him on high quality wet food since we found he wouldn't eat what the rescue fed him anymore. I used chicken & chicken w/pumpkin varieties. Took about 3 weeks for him to start scratching the back of his ears. I also noticed after a...
  10. cejhome

    is this spraying? I'm so confused

    If its a rubber backed rug, some cats can't resist that and will pee on it. We had one cat that did it - a girl (Nilla). Once we got rid of the rubber backed rug it stopped. A friend of mine has a girl kitty - Lilly that is about 10 years old that just started peeing on her rubber backed...
  11. cejhome

    biting troubles

    Our kitty, Buddy is approx 2.5 yrs old now. We adopted him this July. He was pretty bitey when we adopted him - playing and when he didn't like what you were doing, etc. It was his way of sassing back when he was told no, etc. He seems to be a nipper - nipping for affection as well. He...
  12. cejhome

    Sores On Cats Neck

    Make sure you read the food ingredients in detail. Some foods that claim to be to be limited ingredient rabbit, duck, lamb, etc., will have chicken broth in them . When I was looking for rabbit and lamb for our cat, I remember seeing a limited ingredient lamb that had turkey in it. Fish is...
  13. cejhome

    Your Opinions Please

    We had a cat quite a few years ago that was hyperthyroid. We did the radio iodine treatment, as he wasn't easy to pill or do ear gel. It was expensive even back then, but well worth it. For us, it was pretty easy, as there was a Radiocat very close to us. Maybe about 8 - 12 miles from where...
  14. cejhome

    Whats the black stuff near my cats eye

    Way too much discharge to be eye boogers like us humans get from allergies, etc. Please take your kitty to the vet asap. I know in humans that any eye infection/injury can cause permanent damage very quickly if not treated immediately.
  15. cejhome

    Introducing pre & probiotic - Miralax

    Update! I have Buddy totally off Miralax and on the normal cat dosage for TummyWorks. I have noticed his eye boogers have subsided almost to nothing as well, and he has a lot more energy (if that is possible). This made me want to try probiotics for myself as well. I have always had issues...
  16. cejhome

    red line on upper gum in Siamese cat

    DId the vet not give you an explanation as to why they want to pull the teeth other than the red line? I think you should consider getting a second opinion. We had a kitty years ago that had to have all her teeth except for the fangs pulled due to Stomatitis. She was part Siamese. First vet...
  17. cejhome

    Need A Long-Term Stool Softener

    Oh I am so sorry for your loss! I can tell by your thread that you are a great cat mom. Rascal was so very blessed to have you
  18. cejhome

    Need A Long-Term Stool Softener

    I am working with probiotics to see if I can eliminate or at least lower the use of Miralax for our 2 year old cat. I don't care if its "safe", I don't want to give it to him for his entire life if I can avoid that. I have been gradually adding TummyWorks probiotic to his food and at the same...
  19. cejhome

    Lotus Venison canned - Buddy votes YES

    Paws down on Stella and Chewy. I tried Rawz rabbit pate and he actually seems to like it. So yay on that! I want to have several foods in rotation, just in case I can't get one. That is happening now. Meat Mates Lamb is out of stock. I have about 1.5 cases left. It seems like NZ lamb is...
  20. cejhome

    Introducing pre & probiotic - Miralax

    Update on Buddy and probiotics. I am using the Tummyworks. The FERA has Saccharomyces Boulardii in it. I have read in several articles that it is best not to use this for constipation uses. He is doing great! Good quality poop each day. It has now been a week. I started at 1/2 the normal...