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  1. badems human

    How to keep my cat from eating/playing with litter pellets?

    I have a 9 month old kitty and we recently switched her from corn based litter to pine pellets. The reason we did that was mainly the tracking problem. She used to track the dust right into our bed and it was getting really hard to keep up with it. First we switched her box to a plastic storage...
  2. badems human

    bad kitty

    First, give babies blankets or worn clothes for the kitty to get used to their smell. He might be seeing them or you as a threat and try to protect himself. So, if you let the kitty smell you first, wait for him to signal a little bit of affection and then pet him slowly, he may feel more...
  3. badems human

    How to teach my 5mo old kitten not to pick things off of the floor and swallow?

    That yarn was actually coming from one of her toys and when I saw that she managed to rip it, I throw away the toy immediately. And the staple, I still couldn't figure out where did it come from. Like I said, I vacuum everywhere daily. We were in the screened in porch (which I vacuumed and...
  4. badems human

    How to teach my 5mo old kitten not to pick things off of the floor and swallow?

    Hi there! I have adopted my kitty 2 months ago, when she was 12 weeks old. She is a very shy and a sweet kitty, who eats well and always goes to her litter box (Thank God!). But I have a problem with her picking things habit. I pretty much kitty proofed the house as much as I can. There are...
  5. badems human

    Pet Sitters/Time Away Question

    I have a kitten, who is 5 months old now. We got her when she was 3 months old and 2 months later we got her (which is a week ago) we went on a 5 day long vacation. I know this is shorter than you're vacation but I hope it gives you somewhat of an opinion.  So, Badem is a shy kitty. When...
  6. badems human

    My cat occassionally attacks our pant legs

    I think he just tries to say" Heyy! Play with me!" or " Heyy! Where are you going without petting me!". My kitty is 4 months old and she does that to us sometimes. She just hides in a corner and when you never expect it, she just comes out of nowhere and jumps to our pant legs. I believe this is...
  7. badems human

    Comment by 'badems human' in article '7 Stunning Cat Rings That Will Make You Go "meow!"'

    Blue Swarovski Crystals Cat Ring !!!!! :D Love it!
  8. badems human

    Comment by 'badems human' in article 'The Dos And Don'ts Of Cat Behavior Modification'

    So, I don't punish, hit (This I agree), no spray bottles and no shouting. But how will I teach the things that she's not supposed to do, like life threatening things? My kitten picks up things off of the floor and eats them. The other day I caught her trying to pick up a staple. I don't know...