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  1. mattkat

    March Picture of the Month Competition: Cats and Technology

    Entry: Here is Dori and Gracie watching a video of a squirrel.
  2. mattkat

    Contest Picture of the month: October 2019: Cats in Things!

    Entry Dominic walked into the bowl by himself, so we took this picture.
  3. mattkat

    Contest July 2019 Picture Of The Month: Dignified Cats

    Entry Here are brothers Dori (left) and Dominic (right).
  4. mattkat

    Contest June 2019 Picture Of The Month: Cat's Whiskers!

    Entry Here is our cat Whiskers enjoying the sun.
  5. mattkat

    Contest March 2019 Picture Of The Month: Literary Cats

    Entry Here is Tiger thinking of what to write in his journal.
  6. mattkat

    Contest February Picture Of The Month: Stink-eye Cats

    Here is Whiskers at the vet.
  7. mattkat

    Contest January Picture Of The Month: Younger And Older

    Entry Here is Dori when he was 1 month old and then almost 2 yrs. of age.
  8. mattkat

    Contest December 2018 P.o.m. - Festive Cats!

    Entry Here’s Dorian holding his Santa hat next to the Christmas tree.
  9. mattkat

    Contest Cats In Awkward Positions.. P O M: May 2018

    Entry Here's Dori as a kitten practicing his climbing skills.
  10. mattkat

    Contest Thecatsite Goes To Hollywood - Cat Video Contest!

    Here are Freida (brown) and Lucy (black) playing with the broom. Broom Cats by mattkat posted Feb 20, 2018 at 9:47 PM
  11. Broom Cats

    Broom Cats

  12. mattkat

    Sleeping Cats!

    Entry Here's Dori napping on the bed.
  13. mattkat

    Contest Cat Paws - Nov 2017

    Entry. Here is little Dori peeking from under the couch cover.
  14. mattkat

    Contest Cats And Windows - Oct 2017

    ENTRY. Here is little Dori peeking in the window.
  15. mattkat

    Contest Cats And Toys - August 2017

    Here is Dorian sitting next to his monkey friend.
  16. mattkat

    Can A Mother Cat Be Safely Introduced To Another Female And Male?

    Actually Gracie and the kittens are in another house that we are flipping, and they aren't near our other cats. We're keeping them at the house until the kittens are gone, but we need to sell the house soon, and we might want to take Gracie in to our house after she's spayed and all.