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  1. Moonlight_wolf

    Cat pet insurance

    Hi I like to insure my pets with pet insurance. I originally had healthy paws for a couple years and didn’t have any huge problems with them but they did keep increasing my premiums and so I ended up looking elsewhere for a different company. I settled on PetsBest and have really not liked them...
  2. gillyrosh

    Pet Insurance

    I'm thinking of changing my pet insurance (I currently have Lemonade). Would love to hear from this forum what insurance everyone has and what they like/don't like about it.
  3. D

    Experience with Pet Insurance

    I'm looking to cover my 1 yr. old cat with pet insurance and would like to hear about your experience in using one. I've been trying to sort out which plans provide the best coverage, have decent customer service and actually pay their claims. There isn't one I've found where people aren't...
  4. N

    Pet insurance recommendations?

    Anyone in the USA have pet insurance that pays their part to the veterinarian, instead of making you pay the whole bill then reimbursing you?
  5. neely

    Cat pet insurance

    This thread has a breakdown of different companies that might be helpful for you: Pet Insurance
  6. Furballsmom

    Lost about 4 lbs in an year/IBD or SCL? (Maybe EPI)

    Regarding the insurance situation, this might help a little bit, from Forbes and updated Sept 2022. Pet Insurance For Pre-Existing Conditions
  7. O

    What pet insurance do you have?

    I did a lot of research on what pet insurance to get and requested many quotes from different companies. Thought to start a thread to help other who are considering it. I ended up signing with lemonade for one of my cats. I paid $225 for the whole year ( I think there was a 5% discount for...
  8. F

    Cat food puzzle type toys

    Ty! Yes he is neutered already, last month. He acted like nothing ever happened... And yes, already have pet insurance 😊
  9. L

    Pet Insurance

    I was looking around for pet insurance for my kitten....I really wish I had gotten insurance years and years ago with my Littlebit who recently passed away but simply didn't know much about it at the time (high school senior) thankfully we had care credit. Anyway, I was wondering if one with...
  10. S

    Pet insurance

    I'm strongly considering getting pet insurance, are there any good pet insurance providers in the U.S? I'm willing to pay up to $20/m since I'm currently unemployed and a full time student.
  11. fionasmom

    Experience with Pet Insurance

    Search Results for Query: pet insurance Looking over these threads may help you to see what others on TCS have done.
  12. C

    pet insurance

    Hi there, Is pet insurance worth the hassle? Lots of mixed reviews. My kitty had a partial intestinal blockage and her vet bill was around 9k....The cost of kitty healthcare is astronomically high. Does anyone here have pet insurance?
  13. artiemom

    Cost of Euthanasia

    Yeah, the cost of everything has skyrocketed.. Yup... Unfortunately, I think you were quoted the current correct price. If you have pet insurance, sometimes they can reimburse you a portion of the cost.. It is insane.. it really is.. ((hugs))
  14. LTS3

    ASPCA Pet Insurance and Wellness plans

    Some employers offer pet insurance to their full time employees. There may or may not be a discount. Some employers just offer it as a perk. You may want to check with the HR / benefits people if you are currently employed You can look at this to compare different pet insurance companies...
  15. Margot Lane

    How do I get started with adopting a stray cat?

    You might long term want to look into pet insurance, will save you $ down the road. (Others will chime in here soon on your immediate question). THANK YOU for doing this!!!
  16. fionasmom

    Cat pet insurance via snail mail a huge medical file on one of the cats and apparently no one in the office bothered to forward it to the appropriate adjuster. All pet insurance companies report to the state insurance commission. If you have been wrongly denied or given the run around, you can file a...
  17. LTS3

    ASPCA Pet Insurance and Wellness plans

    I'm in the US. Not all employers offer pet insurance as a perk to employees. Big employers across many industries are more likely to offer it than a mom-and-pop small local business with less than 10 employees. I work for a small-ish company (less than 200 employees) and pet insurance is offered...
  18. Margot Lane

    Seeking help weighing decision to bring feral cat(s) inside

    Congratulations! ! What strides you have all made! I love the way you write about your cats….you make it sound as if you are part of the pride. I can’t recall if you said, but do you have pet insurance? That’s a lot of vet bills! can’t wait for photos, and thanks for the update!
  19. Furballsmom

    Experience with Pet Insurance

    Update to my post above, it's not Fetch, but rather Figo is the pet insurance that Costco members can get a bit of a discount.