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  1. minniesunshine

    Would my cat want a friend?

    I felt the same when I lost Sunshine. I was afraid if I got another kitty, my Ctea would be sad. But I ended up adopting 2 kitties & they actually r maki g her want o play again, (she’s 9) & I give her all the live so she knows she still my #1 baby.. Just make sure u chose a kitty that will fit...
  2. minniesunshine

    Cat Has Bald Patch On Leg (pic)

    Same problem here! Been going to specialist. My poor little girl has been to three different vets n atleast 6 visits n I've been told allergies to food. But I don't believe it. Bc my other older cats have itching (definitely no fleas) but she's the youngest it's effected her way worse. I'm...
  3. minniesunshine

    No Fish For Kittens? Why?

    Don't do it! Once u give them fish they're addicted n it's so hard to get them to change n it's definitely NOT good for them. Maybe once in awhile as a special treat dinner. But I wouldn't do it as kittens. I wish I had know this 12 yes ago when I gave my Minnie weruva Asian fusion recommended...
  4. minniesunshine

    Is This Ringworm? :(

    Omg! What part of Leo's body is that on? My baby Cream has the same on her belly! I've been back n forth to veterinarians for almost 2 yrs n have told its food allergies, but i know it's not. I have 3 other older kitties n they itch also just not to the extreme my baby Cream has. They don't eat...
  5. minniesunshine

    After Fip And Fvp

    My heart breaks for you, I've heard of both virus but I don't know how u disinfect your home. I'm sure someone here will help you with doing it. I just wanted to tell you how sorry i am for your loss. My thoughts r with you
  6. minniesunshine

    Question For Those Who Have Used Atopica

    I've been doing everything I can for my kitties. It all started 2 yrs ago.. and after Neumerous vet vists and thousands spent, I'm once again feeling like Kim going to loose my baby Cream. She's been on antibiotics several times in 2 years. I have Atopica to give her. It a terrified that drug...
  7. minniesunshine

    Environmental Or Food???

    Absolutely!! I don't care how much I have to spend, Ill just do without things I need . As I have been doing. just to make sure my babies get what they need. We definitely don't have a lot of money, so if I have to eat cereal for dinner, (i have been for months now) so they get the best...
  8. minniesunshine

    Environmental Or Food???

    in your opinion would you go with the steroids pills or the Atopica? Idk if you saw the pic I tried to post of Cream, but that's not even as bad as she looks today. Also do you think giving her antibiotics so many times will lower her immunity? She's been on antibiotics atleast 5times in less...
  9. minniesunshine

    Environmental Or Food???

    Do I think the raw bites caused her skin allergies? No, I started giving her them after her condition started. Only bc I wanted her to eat different healthier food. I tried to explain to the specialists vet that it's raw bites but she said anything raw can kill her with Atopica? The vet I'm...
  10. minniesunshine

    Environmental Or Food???

    They vets have said the steroids were only short term use, bc her life would be shortened bc of it.... the chlorpheniramine (please excuse my spelling, my eyes r really bad and I'm doing this from phone) made her sleepy but I honestly didn't keep up with it bc I hated all the time. I did it for...
  11. minniesunshine

    Environmental Or Food???

    I'm with you! I got an air purifier, I changed my laundry detergent to hypoallergenic no scents, fabric softener too, I literally am doing what you're doing! Do u live in a rural area? I live in Bergen county NJ, lots of trees n with all this rain n barely having real winters in two years, I see...
  12. minniesunshine

    Environmental Or Food???

    That's just her belly, it's raw from her constant licking, the top of her back paws now r raw, under her chin n neck have black bumps, under arm and leg is raw like her belly, her side has hair loss n red spot. She just keeps getting worse. I've tried to change foods numerous times, now she will...
  13. minniesunshine

    Environmental Or Food???

    I AGREE 100%!! I seriously believe something has changed, I just can't figure out WHAT it is and it's driving me crazy! What's happening to our poor cats! I've cats friends with cats my whole life, never have I heard of so Many health issues! I stated in one of my posts, I do have 3 other...
  14. minniesunshine

    Allergy Forum

    Thanks! So your kitty is outdoors or in? I would swear it was fleas but with 4 cats. I'd be eaten up by fleas by now since this started almost 2 years ago. 3 are in only, the 4th has to live in the basement n he goes in the fenced in backyard. He gets revolution monthly n I brush him daily, the...
  15. minniesunshine

    Environmental Or Food???

    She's been on steroids, I have tried changing liter 3times, to more natural ones. But they are all so used to clay. The steroid pills helped but then she started eating her liter acting aggressive, her behavior was totally different. I also tried chlorpheniramine. That was actually the first...
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    Need Help With My Account Please

    Can u email me?
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    Need Help With My Account Please

    Also y is this dated July 25th? Today is August 24th 4:58pm
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    Need Help With My Account Please

    How do I find it?