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    Redness and hairloss around one eye

    Hi everyone, Since this morning, my cat’s one eye is very watery and closed a bit and she is scratching it. I was in meetings all day couldn’t pay my full attention to her and I realized a bald spot above her eye which wasn’t there this morning. First thing came to my mind was ring worm. I...
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    Inflexible Tail (scottish Fold)

    Hi, sorry its been 4 years since you posted but I have same problem with my cat. Her tail is not as flexible as other cats and it feels rigid when I touch. She is 2 year old scottish fold. Have you got an answer from your vet? thank you
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    Clicking noise when my cat walks

    Hi, I am having a similar issue with my cat, have you been to orthopedist?
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    ScottishFold - OCD - bones/joints make clicking sound when she walks and jumps

    Hi everyone, I have 2 year old female spayed scottish fold and I noticed her bones/joints make clicking sound when she walks and jumps. She is not hesitant to jump or move. she is not a very active cat since her kittenhood but when its play time she runs and doesn’t seem to having pain. The...
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    Weird reddish bald patches on my cat's back leg. Any idea what it could be?

    My cat had this for a year, it was ringworm
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    New kitten introduction

    Hello all, I have a 2 year old female cat (spayed) and she has been my only cat for 2 years. When I’m at work she is doing nothing all day and I thought bringing a kitty friend may help her to socialize and be active. So I adopted a 3 month old male cat 4 days ago. I cannot explain the tension...
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    FCOV infection - adopting second cat

    Hello everyone, my cat Luna is 2 years old and she had feline coronavirus infection when she was kitten. She is healthy now and she was my only cat for 2 years. Yesterday I adopted a 3 month old male kitten and he is FCOV negative. Does this mean my new kitten will get FCOV from my first cat...
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    After Spay Surgery

    Thanks for asking :) ❤️
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    After Spay Surgery

    i called the vet they said shivering is normal cause anesthesia affects the body’s ability to control temperature. Next morning she was better, eating drinking and pooped normally 😊everything was fine until 10 minutes ago she started gagging 3-4 times with sound but no vomitting. I will observe...
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    After Spay Surgery

    Hi all, Finally my female cat got spayed today 6 hours ago. After coming home she ate a bit of her wet and dry food, started to be active (even tries to climb on sofa) no toilet visit yet. And her paws are cold and she is shivering. It is my first spay surgery experience. Could you tell me what...
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    Cat shivering/tremors

    I posted here : IMG_5673.MP4 I am sure that she wasn’t sleeping she was about to sleep
  12. Luna


    Shivering before sleep
  13. Is this normal?

    Is this normal?

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    Cat shivering/tremors

    Hi everyone, I noticed my cat is shivering time to time mostly while relaxing and sleepy (not during sleep) The shivering occurs around her shoulder/upper body area. Couple of times i ran to the vet because I thought maybe she had a fever but everything was fine. Is this normal in cats to...
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    Picture of the Month: January 2022: Nerdy Cats

    Luna is on some calculations..
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    Cat spaying surgery risk

    basically the cardiologist i went told me to get hormone injections all her life instead of spaying.. which is against my regular vet. However spaying has its own risks; first one is anesthesia(stress on heart), second one is the complications due to her corona carrier status.. I really don’t...
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    Cat spaying surgery risk

    Hi all, My cat is 1.5 years old Scottish Fold female and unspayed. She has mild HCM and FCov history. HCM is stable now with medications. Here vets have different opinions in terms of the risks of spaying surgeries. Some recommended hormone injections because of the risks associated with...
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    Do you think my cat is flat-faced?

    Hi everyone, my 1.5years old female scottish fold started to have breathing problems this summer and as you can see she has a very small nose. We found that she has a mild hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and we started to take heart medication. She has no breathing difficulties now with the meds...
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    how can i make my cat gain weight?

    Hi everyone My cat is a female scottish fold 1.5 years old and she is only 2.5 kgs. She is going into heat constantly and I believe that’s the reason she cannot gain weight. I want to spay her however she has also heart disease which makes any operation risky so we chose to wait a bit after next...