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    Thanks. I recognise some of the names around the place. I've even started to post a little again.
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    Trapping Osama

    Whoa...Samoa is still kicking around? That's terrific to hear.
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    Mature Cats Fighting

    Firstly, go to a vet and get both checked out for any latent medical issues. From past experience, often a healthy cat will attack a cat becoming ill long before symptoms present themselves. This could be due to a change in scent undetectable to humans. Secondly, given that the fights occur...
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    kitty was spayed and?

    I'd third what LDG suggested. Despite it being a common procedure, it is serious surgery. Definitely take Honey back to the vet to get things checked out. And once when you get back home, keep her separated from the masses for while she recovers especially if she gets spooked easily under...
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    Spay your cat, you idiot!

    The RSPCA will follow up on this and will contact you if they require a witness for any legal proceedings. Beyond that, carry on with life as per normal and give a couple more scritches to your kitty.
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    Orange-scented cat litter??

    Can't say that this is a good idea. And as for the orange scent, yes it is a synthetic chemical made in a laboratory. It will also be the same chemical that causes the citrus smell we all know and love, (well perhaps not all kitties). A friend of mine bought this in an effort to combat the...
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    flushable litter cause more smell?

    Well just from experience, if one doesn't empty the litter tray often enough or change the litter regularly, the smell occurs.
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    12 weeks old Kitten Flea problem

    JupJup, I once had a 12 week old kitten covered in fleas. Go down to your vet and purchase Advantage for Kittens and Cats up to 4kg. It can be used on kittens from 8 weeks of age. It's a small vial where you place the entire dose near the top of their head/scruff area where they can't groom...
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    The site certainly has changed from the last time I remember things. Not sure if I can be of any help or such. I don't have any cats anymore. So yeah...
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    Anyone remember me around these parts? I haven't posted in ages. And I'm no longer a cat owner. I found new homes for my cats. Long tale. Anyhow thought I would pop by and say hello.
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    suddenly anti-social

    It sounds like Gray is not feeling at all well. Sick cats can poo and pee in the wrong places. Also the smell of cats change when they become sick. Healthy cats do not like being around a sick cat, hence Merlin's aggressiveness. I would suggest separating Gray completely from all the other cats...
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    String and Ribbon are For Presents Only

    I wasn't too sure where to post this and I really should know by now. Anyway, this is a timely reminder and/or warning for members. Don't leave string, ribbon or things similar of any length accessible to your kittens or cats. It can end up with a lot of worry for you and a rather large vet...
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    Ear Mites~need advice

    It is difficult for anyone on this site to gauge whether it would be okay or not to put the ear mite medicine in her ears. There are treatments that do not require you to place them in the ear but rather on the back of the head similar to that of topical flea treatments. These should be...
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    online pharmacy

    For the best interests of your pets, only buy treatments and medications especially from your vet, not from an unknown source which is essentially what an online pharmacy is. I'm not denigrating the online services out there and I do understand that vet bills can add up. I know, I have three...
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    OK, I've got a strange dilemma

    Aah...this one may be more easy to solve than you realise. For SunLee and Simba, they were new cats in a new environment so really the smartest thing is to copy what the other residents cats do. And it sure does seem a lot safer to hide than to stick around when something changes in an...
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    Questionable advertising on the site

    I'm not sure of the media ratings for USA but there is one ad for History Swatter. That's the link. The ad shows scantily clad women so I wasn't too sure whether this was at all appropriate for a 13 years plus site. And this ad stands out a lot...
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    New Thread Status

    Aww shucks. Oh well.
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    New Thread Status

    I've just got a suggestion that could possibly be of assistance to members who come to help with kitty conundrums other members face. Although it's nice to read how a problem is solved I'm sure not all members have a lot of time to do so each time they come by. Well I know I don't. Well we...
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    my kitten hates people!

    In an ideal situation, a kitten isn't separated from the litter until 12 weeks, though the problem is everyone wants a small kitten as they seem cuter. However up until this time kittens are playing with one another, biting chewing and scratching each other learning what hurts, doesn't hurt what...
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    Are my cats too aggressive with eachother?

    Are the cats neutered? If not, neutering can reduce a lot of aggression.