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    Interested on opinions of my boy

    I don't see it, personally, just standard face and ears. And chattiness isn't exclusive to any breed. Looks like your run of the mill (cute) domestic shorthair.
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    Happy New Year! Anyone have some time for a guess?

    Black silver or shaded tabby, I can't really tell.
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    Is my kitten still considered solid black?

    Yeah just black. Black hair turning red is common, called rusting or sun bleaching, so he's not a tortoiseshell or anything. Black hair turning a bit grey (either the tips or the base/undercoat) or having some white hairs is also common. Especially with long hairs.
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    What breed does my kitten look like?

    Grey and white domestic shorthair in a tuxedo pattern.
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    Could my cat be an Egyptian Mau mix?

    Your cat's fur is normal, that's what a tabby typically looks like (the second fur photo), and she has a broken mackerel pattern, not spotted. The kitten (I presume? First fur photo) looks to be a smoke, which is less common but not unusual. It's not indicative of Egyptian Maus though and I...
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    Bengal mix?

    Those aren't rosettes, he looks like a broken mackerel tabby, or possibly spotted from the looks of one photo even though the back stripe is solid, not sure. Either way, they're not rosettes. He's a Domestic Shorthair, black (usually called brown) tabby with white.
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    What color?

    No point in trying to name a colour when they're still changing.
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    What breed is my cat??

    She's a brown (genetically black) tabby (in a broken mackerel pattern) tortoiseshell-with-white domestic shorthair.
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    What does she look like?

    Yep, she's a black (also called brown) tabby tortoiseshell and white domestic shorthair. She's adorable and does have quite some ears on her. I wonder if she'll grow into them or if they'll stay.
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    Is my cat half bengal or bsh tabby?

    Looks just like a domestic shorthair tabby. Not seeing any British Shorthair traits either.
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    Tabby Or Bengal?

    You need to show better photos showing their sides. So far I'm not seeing anything bengal-ish though.
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    What would you say my cat is?

    I don't think that has anything to do with the tabby genes darkening the white body. There are loads and loads of lynx points with white or near-white bodies, just the same as solid points. Same how there are loads of solid pointed cats with dark bodies for the reasons I already mentioned.
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    What would you say my cat is?

    You're saying lynx point means there's less contrast between the body and points than solid pointed cats? Do you have sources for that? I've never heard of that. It's either temperature or genes (mink, sepia) that affect the amount of contrast in the body.
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    Please help - I think I was wrong about kittens gender

    Looks like a (subtle) tortoiseshell, so all the more certainty of being a girl.
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    Egyptian Mau and...?

    So then both parents are the supposed Egyptian Mau and Persian mix? Possible I suppose, but highly unlikely and the kitten doesn't really look the part. Oh my original comment was supposed to have mentioned shaded as well, like StefanZ said, but looks like my addition wasn't saved before I...
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    Egyptian Mau and...?

    Do you have any proof one if her parents is an Egyptian Mau? You're already skeptical about the Persian, it's likely the seller was lying about both breeds. How is she inbred if her parents are two different breeds? She's most likely a domestic shorthair (and without papers is considered such)...
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    What breed is she?

    Yep, she's a tabby tortoiseshell (or torbie if you want to shorten it). The back stripe and belly spots are normal for all tabby patterns. Looks like she's mackerel (due to the stripes) and just has a lot of ticking/agouti hairs, but it'll be more obvious when she's got her adult coat.
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    What color pattern is she?

    Yeah it's just ghost stripes. You can really tell in the face whether a cat is tabby or not.
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    What Breed is My Kitten?

    Smoke is not the same as blue. Blue is the name of grey fur colour in cats. Smoke is an effect that can happen with any colour, making the roots white.