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    I am Back Been Long Time I Came here

    I use to come to this forum but I cannot recall my previous username so now I had to get a new one. I been away for quiet some time but now I am here to meet other pet owners. So drop me a line tell me about your furbabies.
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    URGENT! i cant tell if my cat is dying!

    Thats good that you found a vet who is willing to help you, and your cat knows that you love her and Im sure she will be okay. I was not lucky when my tiny toot went to rainbow bridge. Before she entered the bridge I was turend down by a couple of Vets because I had no money to pay for the visit...
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    My Adult Cat Attacks Her Own Daughter

    My Cat Jhett-Li is 2.5 years old, shes been spayed UTD on her shots. The past two months I noticed that when her daughter from the 2nd litter tries to walk pass by her or be happen to sitting still, Jhett-Li walks by, claws and growls at her. I do not know why she is behaving in this way and...
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    Tiny-Tiny Hair Is Growing Back-Looks Better

    I had post a topic on here about my Tiny-Tiny losing her hair, which she had bald spots/patches on her back & hind legs, also she was biting herself and pulling her hair out. Well the past week I noticed that her hair is growing back and I think it has to do with something in the grass, she...
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    Let Me Tell You About My Three Feline's

    I have three beautiful solid black cats, name Jhett-Li, Tiny-Tny and Salem. Now Salem hes the newest member of our family I had found him, hanging around the convienece store and I picked him up and brought him home. At first Tiny-Tiny did not noticed that he was from the same litter as her but...
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    Its Almost A One Year Anniversary

    On November 21, 2005 my beloved FurAngel entered Rainbow Bridge. She was a beautiful kitten who came into my life at the age of three weeks old. She was an orphan kitten who had some medical problems throughout her whole life and I gave her lots of love and comfort before she left this world...
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    My Cat Scrathes & Pulls Her Hair Out

    I usually use the brank of Special Kitty food from wal-mart and I use to have her on meow mix but she seemed like she got tired of that food. I know frontline, advantage or revolution is expensive and I cannot even afford to get the flea repellent so can u tell me what kind I can buy over the...
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    My Cat Scrathes & Pulls Her Hair Out

    My cat is 1.5 years old, here recently the past couple of months, she bites, scrathches and pulls her hair out. I cannot afford to take her to the vet but I like to know if someone out there can tell me what I can do to relieve her discomfort, I do not like seeing her biting and pulling her hair...
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    Newbie here with 2 Cats & Kitten

    I am new to this forum and site. I have three beautfiul cats named Jhett-Li age 2.5, Tiny-Tiny 1.5 and Fum-Fum Salem 7mos. All my Furbabies are solid black, two has greenish eyes and Jhett-Li has gold color eyes. I love my felines alot they are my best freind and companions. Salem hes the new...