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  1. gilmargl

    Limping and lethargic 4-5 days after distemper shot?

    I've had foster kittens suffering from this after being vaccinated. In fact we had a private name for it (in German, but at the moment I've forgotten it). When a cat is vaccinated and is not 100 % healthy (if in doubt postpone the shots for a year!) the reaction is often limping, fever and cat...
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    Cat gets extremely nervous in kennel

    I've had cats (in one case a whole litter of kittens) panting in the car - on the way to the vet or to their new home (so many fosters so I can't say exactly which ones). But I never turned back and they all survived. Sometimes, for their own good, you just have to be cruel to be kind. Try to...
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    Thread Devoted To Sharing Your Favorite Albums And Songs - 2023

    I certainly do - and always loved it and the young man with glasses :)! Today I was sitting in a care home with a resident in quarantine - me dressed up in protective turban, gloves and overall and listening to CDs featuring Deep Purple. My friend used to play Deep Purple to drown the noise of...
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    Cat obsessed with toy

    Young cats often get obsessed with one toy and it's not necessarily a bad habit. Katy had a mouse which she took everywhere. I tried to find a replacement when it became exceptionally damaged but no luck. A toy on a rod is dangerous when a cat is allowed to play with it unattended so hide it far...
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    Question of the Day: Sunday, January 29

    :hellosmiley:A very good morning to you, on this, the last Sunday in January! The snow has practically disappeared but temperatures are once again below freezing. On a scale of optimistic down to depressed, I am feeling somewhere near the bottom, so let's try to think positive. :happycat...
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    January 2023 Book of the Month Club - Homer’s Odyssey and/or The Cat Who Saved Books 🐈

    Goodreads has a list of quotes Quotes from "The Cat Who Saved Books
  7. gilmargl

    My Experience with a Mobile Vet

    Thank you all for your input! Today I got the message (by e-mail and telephone) that my appointment has been cancelled, the vet is sick. I can make a new appointment but I will wait till I know what is going on in my house next week. I have no wish to be helping the vet when my son-in-law is...
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    My Experience with a Mobile Vet

    After a friend told me about her good experiences with a national company that runs a mobile vet service, I have made an appointment for a vet to come and do general health checks on my 4 cats. They have no acute health problems at the moment, but, because of COVID-19, I have not been taking any...
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday, January 25, 2023

    I'm not worried about dating myself - just look at this! Our First Car The windscreen wiper was run off a battery and passengers had to walk up any steep hill which the poor car couldn't tackle. My youngest sister was so ashamed she used to hide under the back seat in case any of her friends...
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday, January 25, 2023

    First my Dad only had a bicycle, then a small motorbike, followed by a motorbike with sidecar (one seater) and then a motorbike with a sidecar which carried 2 plus a small child! If the family had to travel a long distance, we older children would start walking and dad would travel backwards and...
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    Finished this a few days ago - a fun puzzle because some parts were simple (flowers, picture frames, porcelain cats, books) while other parts were much more difficult (the black telephone, and all the cats - the largest one being the last item completed). The next jigsaw will have to be...
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    January 2023 Book of the Month Club - Homer’s Odyssey and/or The Cat Who Saved Books 🐈

    :) I wanted to forget thinking about this book and now I'm asked a difficult question! I didn't enjoy the book as such - Goodreads had told me it was a good book if you liked cats and enjoyed books. I was reading it as though it were a lecture on the value of books so I was disappointed by the...
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    January 2023 Book of the Month Club - Homer’s Odyssey and/or The Cat Who Saved Books 🐈

    This book won't leave me in peace - I've been thinking about it too much and need to move on! :) My amateur interpretation of The Cat who Saved Books Rintaro, an orphan, has been living with his grandfather in his second-hand bookshop. He loved books, knew about books and, although the old man...
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    Neither did we! Living in London after the war, there was a shortage of housing. My parents moved into a "flat", which was simply the upstairs part of a small one-family house. The existing bathroom had been turned into a kitchen; the tiny room with a WC was halfway up the stairs (probably...
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    Name a food

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    January 2023 Book of the Month Club - Homer’s Odyssey and/or The Cat Who Saved Books 🐈

    Let's start with the easy one: Homer’s Odyssey Perhaps I was expecting too much, but this book was very run-of-the-mill. I have never owned a blind cat, but blind kittens are not euthanised and, while being fostered, are always paired off with a seeing kitten of the same age before the pair...
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    Question of the Day: Sunday, January 22

    ☃ January brings the snow Makes your feet and fingers glow ...... Good morning everybody, in recent years, it has rarely snowed in this part of Germany, but when it does it causes chaos! Local bylaws dictate when and how often houseowners have to clear snow from paths in front of buildings (by...
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    Male cat being sick after neutering

    Well done. I sincerely hope he gets well soon, poor baby.
  19. gilmargl

    Male cat being sick after neutering

    To me it looks as though he has scratched himself trying to remove the cone or the cone dug into his skin. You can clean up the wound with warm water and see whether it dries up over night. If of course it seems no better in the morning contact the vet. Poor little boy!
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    Just started "My Cute Kitty", 1000-piece Ravensburger cat puzzle - one rather fat cat surrounded by photos of him- or herself and other bits of cat paraphernalia! :)