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  1. susanm9006

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, February 1, 2023

    Brown packing paper, my hair ties, little felt furniture foot pads, golf balls, q-tips
  2. susanm9006

    The Side Crawl

    Oh my heart - she looks SO much like my former girl Murphy who will always be the cat dearest to my heart. Wildest, craziest thing in the world until she reached old age. A picture of her
  3. susanm9006

    New Cat Owner and First adoption of 2 cats

    You definitely need two different carriers (I would toss a blanket over each carrier so they don’t see one another) and you do NOT want to let either out until you are at home. To make the adjustment as easy as possible each should be kept in a different room than the other for a couple days...
  4. susanm9006

    What's For Dinner? - 2023

    I have been living off of sandwiches and cupboard odds and ends for the last couple weeks and decided I really needed actual groceries and meals. Shopping trip today and bought ingredients for Fajitas, BLT’s, Antipasto salad, sausage and potatoes, chicken wings, sloppy joes and breakfast foods...
  5. susanm9006

    Question of the Day - Monday, January 30, 2023

    I am about 60% still dark brown and 40% grey and white. The brown is stick straight and fine. The Grey/white is coarse and curly. So frizzy curls in front where the white is coming in the fastest, and stick straight on top and the back where I still have color. I blow dry and then use a...
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    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    You could also buy individual packets of Olive Garden salad dressing. Great in a salad but would also be delicious on a sub.
  7. susanm9006

    What is the best barrier to use for separation?

    Here is my gate, created from an old piece of rail and a garden gate, zip tied to each other but two garden gates would work just as well. I used electrical u shaped brackets to attach the gate to the door frame so it opens and closes and a two small carabiners on one side to keep it closed.
  8. susanm9006

    Question of the Day: Sunday, January 29

    First thing In the morning, at the table having my first cup of coffee, doing the day’s Wordle and checking the news. I will eventually get to thinking about what I need to do that day but for the moment all is quiet in my brain.
  9. susanm9006

    Winter Itch/Rash

    I am allergic to a great many skin products and break out like you described with blisters and a terrible burning itch. If the product gets on my skin it can transfer like poison ivy, from one place to another and from skin to clothing. I have pretty much narrowed it down to products...
  10. susanm9006

    The Side Crawl

    My former cat, Murphy, used to do that if she was feeling silly and also if she was lying down and saw me she would sometimes scoot over to me that way.
  11. susanm9006

    What's going on with me

    He is doing things that makes him feel better and if he is able to I think it is probably good for him mentally and physically. It would help if you or your brother have a written list from his doctor of the things he is specifically not supposed to do. It might make it easier to get an...
  12. susanm9006

    Growing a Human - Again!

    My sympathies - my son hated baths from toddlerhood on and every one was preceded by a chase through the house to capture him. Maybe try extra special bath toys that she can only play with there, some fancy character bath towel and a treat afterwards like a video or a favorite book.
  13. susanm9006

    Many hour long zoomies

    I love when that happens. Maybe a bit of spring fever? Willow is still pretty active for her age (13 in a few months), and loud when she zooms a plays, but it doesn’t last very long.
  14. susanm9006

    my cat is obsessed with a hoodie string, nonstop talking, not napping

    She sounds like a high energy cat that needs tons of stimulation. You might be able to reduce her string obsession by adding some alternate games in, like teaching her to fetch. The lovely thing about that game is that you don’t have to run around, just toss and wait for her to retrieve. I...
  15. susanm9006

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    Doing some sewing today, taking all my leftover fleece scraps and quilting them into ”cat mats” for the local shelter. Last year I made about twenty for them which they give to new adopters so that the cat has something with a familiar scent on it when they go to their new home.
  16. susanm9006

    cat rolling on back in front of squirrel ?

    It is probably just pleasure or amusement. The squirrel is entertaining, and he is enjoying watching it while the other two are thinking more about hunting and catching it.
  17. susanm9006

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2023

    It was the Shingrix, first one.
  18. susanm9006

    Question of the day - Thursday 26 January

    I am not against dogs but my tolerance for them is low. I am not keen on untrained dogs or dogs with untrained owners. I don’t want to be jumped on, barked at, have my crotch sniffed while they ignore their owner yelling at them. Telling me they are harmless or won’t bite doesn’t help. I...
  19. susanm9006

    Cat and bedroom boundary at night

    Cats understand routine and the difference between night and day, so I don’t think allowing him in during the day but not at night is confusing or stressing him in any way. Not giving him the opportunity to sunbathe or watch birds in his favorite place probably will though so I would continue...
  20. susanm9006

    Off to the ER this morning

    I am so sorry. UTIs can wreak havoc on us as we get older.