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    Pet Food Recall

    Could anyone tell me what premium wet foods are not involved with the recall or menu foods? I do apologize, I'm sure this information is in here somewhere. Quickly scrolling through however I didn't see it. Thanks for any assistance.
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    Suggestion for a new added Forum in here?

    I think it is a great idea. I love looking at the pics after the show.
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    Show Vibes for this Weekend - Charlie

    Wow! Beautiful pic of Charlie!! How could he not do well!!!
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    Silver chronicles, bengal kittens growing up

    Thanks Nial for the new pics! They are beautiful!
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    Back from the cat show - - AKA How Hopey did!

    Congratulations!!! I think she is absolutely precious!
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    How do I make a donation to someone

    Thank you ReesesPBC.
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    How do I make a donation to someone

    A couple people have donated those cute little icon thingamagijs (I don't know what they are called). I'd like to send some as well to several people, but I don't know how. Could someone give me some instructions or tell me where to find out how to do it. Thanks.
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    I'm Outraged!! Kitten at pet store bleeding from rectum

    The kitten I was referring to wasn't at Petsmart but Petland. Petland does sell dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. I do strongly encourage people to boycott Petland stores and their affiliates. I encourage support for Petsmart. I've never had an issue with them, and appreciate what they are doing by...
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    I'm Outraged!! Kitten at pet store bleeding from rectum

    I was waiting to see if I got a response to my email, but of course I didn't. I was hoping they'd say something about how they were diligently trying to improve or take care of their animals. I'm going to follow up with the Humane Society probably tomorrow to see if anything came of their...
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    I'm Outraged!! Kitten at pet store bleeding from rectum

    Thanks Boogie&Sams Mom. I appreciate that. I really don't want any credit though. I'm just relieved that it is being looked into. And I'm hoping that others become aware and not shop at these stores. I've learned my lesson. I knew better, but seeing that just really brought it home. I'm also...
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    I'm Outraged!! Kitten at pet store bleeding from rectum

    Thank you for the link Zissou'sMom. Un-freaking-believable!!! After I went to that link, I was led to google the corporate office. I just sent them the below email. begin email- Hello, I live in Columbus, OH. I went into the **** in ******shopping center to get some wet cat food. I usually...
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    I'm Outraged!! Kitten at pet store bleeding from rectum

    Well I just got home from church and called the humane society as soon as I got in. I spoke with a woman and she knew who I was from the message I left yesterday. She told me that they've already begun to investigate it and she assured me they'd follow through and visit the store and the kitten...
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    Any Havana Brown

    Wow! They are beautiful. I just googled the name and seen some lovely pics. The Fanciers Breeder Referal List said they are so rare that they are considered endangered. And there is thought to be fewer than 1000 in existence.
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    I'm Outraged!! Kitten at pet store bleeding from rectum

    You are right. I feel SICK about leaving. I'm going to be worried about that kitten all night and I feel like crying. I called the Capital Area Humane Society and left a long detailed message. They have office hours tomorrow, so I'll call them again. I'm about to google search why a kitten...
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    I'm Outraged!! Kitten at pet store bleeding from rectum

    ok, well I called the Petland and spoke with the manager. She said they have the kitten in the back and they are watching it closely. She also said they will be taking it to the vet on Monday. I told her I'd be calling back on Monday to follow up on the kitten and I got the district manager's...
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    I'm Outraged!! Kitten at pet store bleeding from rectum

    I ran out of wet food and I usually get my cat food at Petsmart. But I didn't feel like traveling the extra miles today so I went to the petstore in my neighborhood. I don't know if I should mention the name of the store. But anyway-after I got my food I went to look at the kittens. Not to buy...
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    Introducing...My Best Kitten in Show

    Congratulations!! He is so handsome!! The picture of you looking on is really cute as well. You look so proud. You must be rewarded proudest Meowmy!
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    Oh wow!!! What a beautiful boy! There are just to many lovely breeds. In a perfect world I could get several more cats I've fallen for from coming to this site, and stay married too. Oh well. I'll admire from afar. Congrats.
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    Bengal?? Pic! Is the kitten Bengal? Not sure of her breeds.

    Are both pictures of the kitten? Or is the 2nd pic an example of what she looks like? Thanks.
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    My poor couch

    Thanks mybabyphx. I thought she'd hate them too. When we put the 1st one on she wasn't thrilled. But 10 minutes later she had forgotten all about it. They really don't pay them much attention. My biggest concern now is getting them on the other cats. Our DSH doesn't like being touched, let...