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    Purina Kitten Chow a good food?

    Kitten Chow is okay if you're feeding barn cats and half of it might be eaten by raccoons and the mother is supplementing the diet with hunted prey.
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    Is hairball control cat food safe?

    Hairball diets have extra fibre which is supposed to help pull the fur through the cat's system and out the other end, the way its supposed to go. The one exception to this, and this was many years ago now, was, I believe, Nutrience, which contained a component of pineapple which was supposed to...
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    Is it okay to give my cat an unopened Hill's dryfood bag best before nov 2021?

    If you really have to, then you really have to, but if you can get something else. Nutro is good food but not expensive..??
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    Switching from wet to just dry food. Help!!

    Don't put your cat on only dry food. It is determental to his health and will likely shorten his life. The baby will get used to whatever situation it is put into as long as no fuss is made.
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    Merlin overweight & Merlin and Quinn eating Zena’s food

    Spread Merlin and Quinn's food out over a large plate, cookie-sheet or slow-feeder. Feed Zena up on something, like a counter or table.
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    How do you handle pushback from your veterinarian?

    It was night and day seing the holistic veterinarian with Montgomery. The changes he recommended have made dramatic improvements to Montgomery's overall health and well-being.
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    Looking For Something I'm Not Sure Exists

    Its going to be very well-cooked. Montgomery is not to have anything raw. His small intestine has enough issues with holding onto bacteria as it is and I've been well-warned to stay away from raw food with him. I understand that cats in the wild eat a wide variety of prey, but he is not a cat...
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    Looking For Something I'm Not Sure Exists

    Okay, got the Alnutrin, have the freeze-dried liver. He has his own pot, spoon and grater. One pound of extra lean ground chicken is in the refrigerator for tomorrow evening.
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    Advice on Wet Food Brands...Am I worrying for no reason?

    The only thing that's wrong with Fancy Feast pates right now is that some recipes can be difficult to get. Otherwise, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    Get a TLI test if you haven't done that yet.
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    renal failure

    Ice cubes in the water dish have encouraged my cats to drink well, as well as a fountain and a chill bowl, which is a huge stainless steel dish with a core that we freeze. You can also add warm water to their wet meals, and some cats will even eat their dry food with water added to it. My cats...
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    Coccidia in adult cats?

    I don't know. I've never heard of Baycox before, and I'm in Canada, too. Fostering, I've dealt with a lot of coccidia and while it can be pretty gross, its never really been an issue to treat unless the kitten was very tiny.
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    Coccidia in adult cats?

    Try using Heinz strained chicken to mask the taste of the medicine. Our veterinarian has typically used metronidazole to treat coccidia in kittens, but now there is conflicting research because it is apparently self-limiting. We used tylan on a particularly ill kitten a couple of years ago to...
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    Will Her Fur Grow Back?.

    Mary has ditched her collar a few times over the years. She's happy its gone, for sure.
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    Looking For Wet Food...

    I did, when I returned the food. I think she just gave up at that point. I just ordered Alnutrin and am going to make is food and see if that works better, since I can control the ingredients. Also, I hopefully won't face the ongoing supply chain issues. I can comply with the naturopath, but...
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    Looking For Wet Food...

    Yes, his veterinarian did consult a nutritionist and we were told to put him on Hill's d/d. We put a pinch in his dish and he was shortly violently ill. He never did develop any sort of tolerance to it. His veterinarian only sees Hill's, Purina, Royal Canin, Iams and inexplicably, Eukanuba...
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    Will Her Fur Grow Back?.

    Animal control chipped her when they spayed her. She doesn't go out except for veterinary appointments.
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    Will Her Fur Grow Back?.

    Recently, I adopted our fourteen year old shop cat, Mary. She's snoozing beside me right now. She was a barn cat before Animal Control got her. We adopted her from Animal Control eleven years ago and she's been a pet supply store mouser ever since. I brought her home for the government-inflicted...
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    Oxbow completer, can i use it?

    If it were me I'd contact Oxbow before I tried it.